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    Eh I think it looked fine. GT isn't known for amazing 3D rendering, at least for me, I know then for their reviews and retrospectives.
    Post by: AzureTerra, Feb 20, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    I think it's in between KH1 and COM but KH1 a little more harder.KH2 is only hard to on proud mode, but then again it's supposed to be. ^_^
    Post by: AzureTerra, Jul 25, 2008 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    new here.

    Hi roxas2002! I'm new here also but I need w/ something kinda small. How do you put what location your could anyone tell me how? And nice to meet you.
    Post by: AzureTerra, Jul 23, 2008 in forum: Introductions & Departures