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    Welp, I have no job, have a boyfriend, it will be a MIRACLE if I'm ever ALLOWED to drive (medical reasons), living with my parents and have decided I don't want kids for another six years or so at least. My boyfriend asks just whether I want them in the future because he definitely does and actually doesn't bother me too much about it. He doesn't need a kid, he's got his hands full with me.
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    It's okay though, I only just finished the season of Chuck I started watching two years ago...

    Anyway, stuff has happened in my life. Not all good stuff, but some stuff.
    • My boyfriend is now seriously considering vegetarianism and I'm just eating a bacon sandwich (I'm not unsupportive, I used to become vegetarian for about 2-4 months a year at one point, I just really like bacon.)
    • I met some awesome buddies, one of which is an amateur male model and has a GIANT photo of himself wearing only jeans in his living room that he puts a santa hat on every Christmas. Apart from that, he's actually a really cool dude who is helping me with my diet (he told me things about McDonalds that rival the nightmares that my dad told me about concentrated juice.)
    • One of my best friends over the last 6 years or so, broke up with his fiancĂ©e and then kind of got weirdly posessive over me and got jealous of my male friends and boyfriend because they were "taking up too much of my time", so I kinda kicked him out of my life... which sadly meant kicking his brother, Ollie, who I've known since high school out of my life too even though he'd done nothing wrong.
    • I am still writing the same book I've been writing since college. I am still only two chapters in.
    • I still don't have a job, despite trying to get one every single day because my employment advisor has told me to only look for retail or hospitality jobs.
      I send regular e-mails to the BBC asking for internships at Roath Lock.
    • I now have a BTEC Level 2 (I skipped level 1 entirely) in Creative Media Production that I completed in six weeks and while on that course, met a friend with her own YouTube Channel who is just about as weird as me.
    • I changed my name to SPARROW.
    • I dyed my hair blonde but then grew it back out to its natural colour.
    • AND FINALLY: I met Peter Capaldi. We didn't chat but he DID wave at me.
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    Ahh... For some reason I thought you meant the comics. Gwen's in them and she's cool, she's there until the SADDEST STORY EVER and then some.
    Superior Spider-Man was what Doc Ock called himself. It was as weird as you expect. But yes, read the comics, a good idea for getting them easily would be to get a Marvel or Comixology account and buy them digitally.
    I've slacked off watching the cartoon (too much Avengers Assemble because I don't care what anybody says, Hawkeye is awesome) and I've only JUST got halfway through season 2. I've also been watching Agents of SHIELD, so a lot of TV. I tell myself it's research for my media course.
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    It's the country music...
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    HELLO!!! I actually remember you.... which is good because I thought I would recognise nobody.
    Hopefully it will, since I am going on adventures at radio stations and filming things before I (hopefully) have a good enough portfolio and CV to get a job at the beebs.

    How far into Ultimate Spidey are you? Is Pete still there? Because I've been picking up Amazing Spider-Man (the new run) for a friend and I refused to read Superior Spider-Man due to it essentially being Doc Ock in Peter's body... the whole idea struck me as a big, slimy mess... and the part about me loving Peter Parker. We have a childhood bond xD And also, Gwen Stacy is pretty awesome in Ultimate Spidey, right? (So's Johnny storm but he's always like that)

    I've just been watching the Avengers cartoon and re-reading my copies of Hawkeye.
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    Over here, bitter lemon is a mixer. It's basically bitter lemonade... although you can mix gin and vodka in it and my guess is that you had the vodka.

    And no, total pirate. Always drinking either rum, Jagermeister or alcopops (when I don't even wanna get tipsy). I don't drink that much.
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    14, bro, 14.
    And it was rum, because I am a pirate.
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    Nine months, huuh? Hi people. I'm definitely back.
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    Hey Cat :) How's things for you?
    YAAAAY! :)
    Hey dude! I remember you too! :) Life's good. I'm volunteering and I now have a really nice boyfriend and I'm happier in general :) How're things with you?
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    That's good to hear, getting to relax is the best thing.
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    It has indeed, since I was last here anyway. I'm not stressed out so much anymore, I'm dating a really sweet man and I volunteer at a charity store. How have you been anyway?
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    Yay! Hey dude! :)
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    *rolls into view*
    Hi. How're you all doing? Wait, who do I still know around here?!
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