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    ((Sure, Dexnail. :D Just make sure you know what's going on, etc, okies? :p))

    But the little woman nonchalantly lurked in her own thoughts; for she was busy constructing a plan that'd go smoothly, quickly, and one where all eyes wouldn't glance over to the petite female- who, as the majority of lads knew, cold easily have played a part in this sudden assasination. "-WHEN- ya...Kill the guy..." A disgusted frown- even if she was a pickpocket, a puppeteer of men, and a mentally scarred crinimal marked by a long decade of lonelyness, she wasn't a murderer. The fact that the boy'd kill for some silly little favour was daunting, indeed.

    So daunting she'd nervously take a step back- he couldn't be serious, could he? Something told her, though this favour seemed innocent enough, it wasn't going to be a pleasant one. Although it was reassuring to know his 'angle', because he'd never do this free of charge. Just a shame Ash hadn't a penny to her name. "Ya ****in' callin me a coward!?" Growled the insulted female, whose hackles raised like that of an irked wolf. Her tiny fists curled defensively, trembling with barely controlled anger.

    Suddenly, she'd calm. After he mentioned her cuteness- they might not have been enough to get to the bedroom, but it was damn well enough to shut her threats up. Ash's slender eyebrow quirked faintly at him, and one nimble hand would start toying with her coller, which gave way to a rather defined coller bone. "Mhmmm, what ain't to like?" She responded arrogantly, clenched hands now on the soft curve of her hip before carrying on with the faint outline of her plan. "Listen, I know the broad he's gonna bangin' tonight...An' I know for a fact she don't 'preciate his business- now, if I can get a key from her..." Ash grinned devilishly. She was good at obtaining shiny stuff from people. "Then it's just a case of ya strollin' in there'n makin' it seem like an accident. Easy, right?"

    She was momentarily distracted however, large eyes flickering over his fine physique- oh, the mischievous thoughts that danced across her giggling mind. A few blinks, before she'd snap back to the present. "I'm gonna be blunt...Whatcha wantin' in return for this? I ain't got money right now, but I can always pay ya later, right...?"
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    "If ya ain't gonna ask for much, then why can't ya just do it with-out wantin' somethin' in return?" And the last bit did clear things up magnaficantly, and it caused a gentle sigh of relief from the young woman whose whiteless pools of aquatic were suspiciously scanning the thickening crowds of alcoholics, crinimals, and modern day aristocrats tossing money at gambling and women. If she wasn't so terrified of the people that owned this place, she'd consider spending more time in this little place- probably for the sake of getting cheap, watered down whiskey.

    The young woman thoughtfully stroked her long, narrow jaw as her free hand would idly play with silken strands of dark brown- as he leaned closer, however, it came to Ash's attention that it probably wasn't wise planning an assasination of a powerfull man with a good handfull of his personal body guards skulking about the local proximity. More or less grabbing him by the coller, the petite woman with thick eyelashes and a cheeky smile would guide the handsome boy to the closest ally-way...Which, thankfully, was completely deserted.

    "He leaves this place for one of his partners to look after in half an hour, gets smashed with a few glasses of vodka- poor kid can't handle his drink-, gets one of the whores workin' here and since he can't get a room 'cause they're all busy, usually goes to...Yonder." A slender finger would point to a rather out of place opposite the drug den, which seemed to be his private caraven of sorts for the occasion when he needed a bed. "I'd do it myself, but I'm a suspect already if he dies, ain't I?"...Although she really didn't want him to be murdered, because the guilt would be unbearable that she caused someone's death.
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    Oh, here we go- the typical assumption of the whole damsel in distress thing; it must have been a little fantasy for men, to be the big knight in shining armour. Whiteless pools of impish aquatic half closed, her eyebrow arching ever so slightly towards the boy, circling her with the criticising look that shrieked 'I want something and it's not going to be nice'. The highly independent Sparrow raised her head haughtily, quite sure that either her father's invention or sheer fighting skills would supply her with the means of dealing with the issue.

    Failing that, she could just skip country and hope for the best- but no, she'd surpres her gigantic ego, eye him cautiously, and then give an overly dramatic sigh. "Typical men..." She muttered out, a very uncharastic comment because...Well, in the world of men, she felt a lot safer. A sly grin as she'd turn to face whatever direction he was skulking around in, nimble hands planted loosely on the gentle curve of her hip. "Ya'll get ya 'favour', big boy...Just make sure ya help me take care of this idiot, right? And that's -before- he can spread this damn idea to his bosses 'bout this whole...My father's business." No, he wouldn't get his favour, because Ash would simply leave the bargain unfullfilled. Or worm her way out of it by twisting his words, either one was good.
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    He didn't look like the most chatty of lads- infact, she would guess that their only conversation would consist of swift, insulting comments back and fourth until one mustered the infuriation to storm off. Now half-closed eyes rolled to gaze at the ceiling in falsely coy thought, and she almost assumed that the boy could help her out of this predicament...Which she didn't bring on herself, for once. Her hands groping her long, narrow jaw, her childish face morphed into a dainty mask of faint suspicion. "Name's Ash Sparrow...And y'know what these people're like, entrepreneurs if there ever was one." And for some bizzare reason, they assumed that there were heroes who needed key-blades. As if she could mass-produce them...Hell, if there were any heroes, their selling price would be far too much for any of these people to afford.

    Swiping back the dark brown mane of silken hair, Ash's uneasy grin would disappear. "Let's just say they want me to...Bring back somethin' my father did. I know how, but it's just real -impossible- to make as many as these punks want...Needless to say, they're gonna get pissed and take it out on -me-! How unfair's that?"
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    "I'm- the one givin' -you- attitude? Hah! You're the one tryin' to act like some tough shmuck. Well, if ya were so tough, ya wouldn't have to skedaddle from those guys, would ya? I bet -I- could take them. A smug little tilt of her head as she placed a clenched fist on her hip; although that over-confident expression soon withered, and her brows furrowed...Home washing dishes. Pfft! She'd need a home for a start. And dishes. "Shouldn't ya be doin' a honest day's work 'stead of cheatin' some folks out their hard-earned cash?"

    Her tongue defiantly flicked out as she thought she made a decent retort back, before exhauling a exgerrated sigh. "Owh, stop callin' me girlie. Gotta name...You'll prob'ly see it on my tomb-stone if I don't give these bruiser's what they're lookin' for..." A coy mutter, as she was just checking if she actually did comprehend this impossible situation. "Anyhow, ya better get skedaddlin'. The head-honchos catch ya stealin' an' then ya propa fu**ed."
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    Ah, yes, Sparrow was much too confused, not to mention worried, to have the common sense to move out of the way of a man who had just made a speedy get away from the wrong people. What -would- she do...? Providing these people with merchandise just didn't feel right. A quiet 'oomph' as that bump sent her descending back into reality; her expression before had been detached worry, now tightened by surprise that the boy-thief was right there, infront of her. A irritated scowl upon her femininely cute face with giant, watery eyes sternly gazing up at him. "Heh, sorry's damn right." Her small hand automatically slipped to protect her pockets. Not that she actually -had- anything...Yes, her only possesions were goggles and giant, constant puppy-dog eyes. And a toned, willowly figure.

    Although she had to say, there was something awefully alluring about this boy- his icey voice sent a delightful shiver down her spine. "Ya got a cheek to be struttin' 'bout here after that dealio. They'll kill ya sooner than look at ya."
    The prolonged stare from his side was returned with a steely gaze tinged with that little bit of proud defiance. "'Sides, ain't you a lil' young to be here in the first place? Although I can't imagine ya comin' back after this incident." This place, if she was desparate, could provide -some- profit for her...Either working or gambling. However, faced with the same situation
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    Well, that was one advantage of being dragged to some disgusting drug den by a threatening man twice her size- she got to see the stunning speed of some cheating boy trying to make a hasty run for it. The cry from that feral man snapped her out of the stunned day-dream that she, -she- had just been threatened! Besides, Ash didn't actually know how to make a keyblade, but she had a sickening feeling these tyrants wouldn't stop until they got some type of result from her. If -these- scum knew her father's business, then the Organisation could find out...Oh no! That was the last thing she wanted! They'd kill her, or kidnap her, or- yes, her Dad's discovery had put her into some predicament.

    She quietly studied the boy of a wild raven mane casually command the big lad to pay what was earned- when she was about to be naively surprised by his gambling skill, it was revealed that the dice were loaded. -Hah-...Of all the places to try such a obvious trick. He was a silly thing if there ever was one. Yes, the little lad was of amazing speed- her giant eyes lit with respectful adoring. Not that it was something that could help her, but he was alluring. As much as Sparrow hated to admit it, a knight in shining armour was a giddy thought that she longed for; just to get her away from these cruel people that would come back for her in a few days. What could she do then? Oh, and he had money...Another nice catch.

    And as he sprinted towards the low roof, Sparrow was actually rather wise to move out the way of the storming crowd of men who wanted their money back from the little cheat. After all, she didn't want her toes trampled by such big men. Quite a active place, she noticed, as her lowered head gazed towards her trudging feet; casually bumping into other members of this crowd. "What am I gonna do...Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't...Then again, reckon I can get myself a nice job here; why would they want a key-blade, though? Don't make sense, not at all..."
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    In a strict world cruelly supervised by the ever-expanding Organisition 13, in a time of mimicing heroes that fail and wish to mount up to the famous heroes of light, icey fear washes away any concern of shallow poverty, people's hearts are still fighting. Some let the spite and darkness corrupt them in a notion of superioty, but it's only the strong that keep themselves from turning into the forbidden. The deamons that no man dare speak in vain of summoning these evil beings. There are lands that prosper and flourish under the direction of the Organisation- technology is peaking at its very finest. There are some towns, how-ever, that are cascading into a foul cess pool of crime and hatred...Really, it all depends on the member ruling over that region. For the developing towns, they are poorly because their royalty is inexperienced, insane, or insensitive to the cries of their struggling citizens.

    The ruler of this sinking town situated closely to the mountains in the East was a strong-jawed man of the name Xaldin. He was no puppeteer, but he did possess a basic understanding of mentality and a person's body-English. The town was a dreary old place where caution seeped from each corner, although it had its share of decent homes and public gardens. The shops there did well for themselves, even if buying supplies from other towns could be a bit of a problem. One place that sadly excelled was the local drug-den, of sorts, and if that foul little building on the brief out-skirts of town would vanish all of a sudden (and its horrible owners with it), then perhaps this town's men would spend more time with their families instead of drunk, high, gambling or fondling some pouting whore with painted lips and cat-like eyes. Inside such a gray, prison-like building was the stunned Ash Sparrow.

    Ash Sparrow, unable to afford a decent house and finding it difficult to find am man to sponge off of, travelled to this town in hopes of a job and a shelter. No, what she encountered was a rough group of drug-dealing pimps who happened to know of her deceased father's past, and the fact that he knew how to manufactor the increasingly rare key-blades, even the gun-blades if he was in a cheerful mood. "...Evenin'?" A sweet voice confusedly chirped to the thriving business establishment she had woke up. All manners of people screamed bargains inside this large place, and she seen swaggering males viewing a pit with dark-furred dogs pouncing and murdering vermin; their howls were the things that had woken her. All sorts of nasty things went on inside here...If anything, it was like a fair-ground for those of sick taste. Tiny Sparrow could not remember a thing, certainly not the thick-bodied lad dragging her to her bare feet. Seventeen year old Sparrow's childish, heart-shaped face twisted into innocent confusion, and a silky strand of dark brown hair cascaded infront of her vision. That mingled smell of stale alcohol and cheap perfume was numbing, to say the least. "You're Sparrow, aren't you? Jacob's girl...Yes, you look just like his wife...And she was just a stunner, really." The man's tongue flickered across thin lips, and Ash's slender eyebrow raised. His grip on her shoulder, once helpful, was tightening slowly. "I'll get to the point quickly; I know what he did for a living, and I wish to follow his example...Except, you'll do that for me."

    Sparrow blinked furiously; how did this man know of her father's work? Furthermore, just why was he under the influence that Ash would know how to make such items? "Wait...Wait, I know you. You're the kinda...Partner of the owner of this joint, right?" nervous doubt laced her words as he eagerly scrunitized her. A simple nod, and she was forced to walk along side him- and he gently explained that, should Ash not find out how to replicate her father's weapons, then bad, bad things would happen that the law could not halt. The clumsy smile from her full lips dispersed, and as the tall man happily walked away to report to his superiors, Sparrow gazed dejectedly towards the crowd that was scurrying around her.

    "I'm gonna die...D'aw, crap!" Her tiny foot stamped irritatedly, and the petite lass fiddled nervously with her goggles.
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    Ash's eyes squinted in disbelief towards him, fists silently unfurling...A slight smirk as she glanced over to him, obviously going through a range of different emotions..Pity not one of them, unfortunately. Her arms crossed against her chest to steady her trembling, putting every inch of her concentration into an eery silence. Her teary eyes rolled to the sky, thinking..Well, such a feat was hard due to the dizzyness spinning her world around. "Fine." She spoke coldly, the expression on her face still hurt..Although softening all of a sudden.

    "Then untill you learn some self-control..." She growled spitefully, although did seem to be putting quite a bit of effort into restraining herself, "We either go our separate ways, or we are silent until this problem is dealt with. You don't go any-where in arm's, key-blade's, or gun-blade's reach of me, and we are only a mere helping hand to each other- a silent one, at that."...And her will was spoken. She tossed her head over her shoulder, simply -refusing- to stare at him.
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    "G-g-great, just an a-another e-excuse to m-m-make this m-MY fault, r-right?" She hissed quietly, a worrying surge of geniune hatred flowing through her quiet, stuttered voice at that moment. She took one more step away, just for safety reasons, and bowed her head..Tear-filled eyes closing tightly as her fist clenched. How-ever, she'd listen..She wouldn't necessarily believe him- and the chances of forgiveness were stunningly slim, but..Sparrow would listen, hear would dreadfull past, what deforming secret would be told at this very moment.
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    Sparrow -immediately- backed away as he approached, eyes wide and paranoidly scanning from his face to his hands, to see his expression and to see if anything was clenched in those palms of his. Ash's trust..Just as Alaric's was, probably, was something extremely hard to obtain..It was an even harder thing to repair. Her breath increasing rapidly, hyper-ventilating as she moved away from him...Like a beaten child against a towering stranger, no less.

    In slow, reproachfull reply to his question, the girl removed her palm from the back of her head..The hand coated in drying blood. Nothing felt worse than a knock to the head...Especially one from your own supposed comrade.

    "You..You hurt me?" The girl questioned, head tilted with apprehensive curiousty to the side, sounding meekly shocked. "I..No, not sorry at all..."
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    There was a strangled shriek as the roughly shoved girl fell back, the back of her head clashing violently against the bare, shortened remains of a corner of the rubble...Unfortunately getting quite a gash, usually silky hair now matted with pouring crimson. Her bottem lip quivered with pain slightly, the young woman staggering from side to side..Dizzy, and with her vision darkening ever so slightly. Although when the realisation that -he- had just -shoved- her for trying to help him would come to light, it'd hurt twice as much as this injury could ever sting. "...You..."

    Suddenly, like a beaten, cowering animal, the trembling girl cowered away from him, gasping lightly with panic and sub-consciously whimpering. "(I thought he..I thought he could be..Could be different. Why...? Why?)"
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    "Righteo..Ya know what? I'm patient, calm, cool and collected..Anythin' bad pops up, I can handle it...I am just sooo relaxed it's unbelievable.." She oh so casually brought her, intertwined by the fingers, hands up to the back of her head, nonchalantly smoothing back her hair...Heh. Just a shame their key-blades (seemingly) didn't possess any curing embeddments...Well, her's certainly didn't. She hadn't quite solved the mystery of inserting magic in Key-blades yet, but the master craft-man who had designed the lad's one...Obviously had WAY too much time on his hands.

    Gently, the girl tried to heave the her future little hero by his back slightly, other arm supporting the back of his head as she almost stoicly gazed down at him...Seemingly plotting. "...I wonder if physical violence would help things out here...Usually does.."
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    OOC: LOL..I know..Shame people didn't join it. :(

    BIC: "C'mon, buddy..Snap to reality..I'll give you to the count of thr-JUST WAKE UP!" She squeaked frantically, grabbing him by the limp shoulders and vigorously shaking him, brow propping up in slight dismay of what just happened. Now...What was a girl to do? She could always just..Keep shaking him. Yes, that'd work. Then again, what if he was -dying- of blood loss?...D'aww, her only hope for civilization was sinking down the proverbial plug-hole!

    "...Okaaay, I can deal with this..Real calm-like. I dump the body somewhere, erase -any- memories of him, avoid the Restoration Commitee like a -plaue-...And badda-bing, badda-boom! All I got to worry 'bout is the Organisat-...Wake up.."
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