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    Masafira scratched the back of his neck and sighed quietly before looking into Ryuk's eyes and saying, "I do not have any money. Though I can offer payment in various ways. I will come with, and I am a good fighter, plus my ability draws electric attacks to me, and away from you. I am also good at cooking, and I am quite easy on the eyes, if I may say that."
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    Masafira nodded slowly at the lucario, a small smile creeping onto his face. He stepped over to the table before laying his club down on it and climbing up to sit on the edge of said table. "Then you are the team I am looking for? Yes, I can tell that you are... I wish to travel to the missing town that you pokemon speak of so often. My brother joined a team to go, and he has not come home. I will find him, and I will bring him home. You will help, yes?"
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    Masafira slowly cracked open the doors to the Shinwa Library to poke his head inside and look around. Once he spotted the pokemon inside he leisurely strolled on in, looking all around the room to admire the worlds largest store room for tiny boxes, this of course was not what the room was, but unfortunately he was unaware as to what books look like. As he finally got within speaking distance of the pokemon inside he stopped and began leaning on his club before quietly saying, "Is this the library? I am looking for a team and I was told to look in the library. I only realized once I walked away that I do not know what a library is."
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    Team Name:

    Position: client(?)
    Species: Marowak
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: He was born in the wilds outside of Shinwa Town and now lives with his family among a nomadic group of pokemon.

    Level: 38
    Ability: Lightningrod
    -Bone Club

    Accessories: He wears a torn up scrap of gold silk around his neck as a cape, at one point it was a nice curtain.
    Unique Appearance Traits: He's painted a thick, red horizontal line across his skull that passes over both of the eye holes, and two thin black lines that go from the back of the skull up over the top and down the snout/muzzle. He has numerous ring shaped scars that circle his arms and legs from top to bottom, along with many dot shaped scars between the rings. He has also painted a red and an orange ring around the end of his bone club.
    Personality: He's kind of quiet and awkwardly unaware of the customs of civilized Pokemon, but he had a good heart. He is also quite determined and stubborn. Despite being quiet most of the time, once he gets comfortable with someone he will open up and become more talkative.
    Other: He's looking for his younger brother who left to for the Lost City with a team and hasn't returned.
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