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Jan 10, 2009
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June 17
in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats


Traverse Town Homebody, from in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats

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Apr 18, 2009
    1. fadedphantom
      Gah, soooo weird!!! People are so strange!!

      Lol, that's okay. I get confused easily, it's not your fault, hahah

      I know, that's what I thought. But apparently too much sugar is... bad for you?? D:
    2. fadedphantom
      That's crazy!! God, what an idiot. I'm glad my roommate isn't like that...

      Ah, I see. Cool :D

      I know!! I was crushed when I found that out :'(
    3. fadedphantom
      O_O What a weirdo!! Gah, how annoying... -_-

      Hahaha yeah, you wrote Chow (character) and I was like ....O_O Huh? Hahaha

      Lol I tried that already. Surprisingly, if you eat nothing but candy, you get sick. Who knew??
    4. fadedphantom
      Cool. Ah, that sucks. How annoying -_-

      ...I just looked it up. It's Chow Mein. Well, at least here it is lol. We don't have those symbol thingies... O_o

      I don't know T_T That is why I'm always hungry. Sighhh
    5. fadedphantom
      Oh, well it sounds cool at least... ^_^'

      Oooh cool!! Sadly, there are no pandas at my local zoo :( Bah, I did?? Whatever, as long as I can say it, I can order it, haha.

      .....It depends. Sometimes it's okay, but sometimes, it tastes... like plastic... or rubber... or glue...
    6. fadedphantom
      Ooh wow, that's awesome!!

      I know me too! They're sooo cute!! You should, it's delicious. Haha yeah, it's noodles. REALLY REALLY GOOD NOODLES.

      It doesn't taste good either T_T
    7. fadedphantom
      Lol yeah allergies suck. I'm allergic to a lot of stuff... sigh -_-

      Ohhh sounds spiffy!! So what's your talent??

      Hahahah yeah, there are pictures of pandas everywhere, it's pretty cute. And the food is pretty freaking good. I always get chow mein (did I spell that right??), fried rice, and orange chicken. Yum!!

      Well then you would definitely not like the pasta at the commons... it's extra icky T_T
    8. fadedphantom
      Mmhmm they are ^_^

      Yes, especially not my dead body!!

      What's CTY?? Well that's good lol. Yeah, it is -_- I usually try to eat at Panda Express, which is on campus, or if my friend with a car is willing to drive then my friends and I go out to eat. Or we go grocery shopping and try to find microwavable food that is actually edible. And then if we're REALLY desperate (or running low on money), we eat at the commons and usually get either the pizza or the pasta. It's very icky D:
    9. fadedphantom
      Lol yeah she was an awesome deer :)

      Yeah, my best friend has lots of cats, but she keeps them in the garage so I don't die when I go over to her house lol ^_^

      You'd think so, right? But that's just a lie they tell you to get you to go there... and then suddenly the "food" is inedible -_-
    10. fadedphantom
      Hahaha you did, thank you :)

      I know! I love deer! There was this one deer who had been there since I was like four. We called her Nikki cause she had nicks in her ears. And she was soo sweet! We'd always feed her, and if we were really careful she'd let us pet her too. And every year she'd bring her babies around (a lot of times she had twins!!). She was so cool. But we think she died a couple years ago, cause she was looking pretty old/sick, and she stopped coming around :( She shall be missed.

      Hahaha I would die in your apartment. I'm allergic to cats lol ^_^' But cats don't really like me anyways...

      Yes it did!! But then again, I'm always hungry at college... sigh -_-
    11. fadedphantom
      Thank you!! :D

      Lol yes Orcas is beautiful. And there's a bunch of deer, and they're all really tame. They kind of act like tamed dogs (like, one sleeps on my grandparents porch and knocks on the door with her hoof when she wants food lol XD)

      Mmmmm I love that stuff!! My favorite flavors are tropical, honeydew, and just plain milk tea. MMM I WANT SOME NOW!! T_T
    12. fadedphantom
      Hahaha ohhh yeah I forgot you don't like the water... well you could live in the middle of the island, and on Orcas you're only really near the water when you go down to the docks (which I do quite often lol). Blakely has more beaches.

      What's Pearl Milk Tea?? Is that like Boba?? With the tapioca balls?? If so, I LOVE THAT STUFF!! Hahaha soo good...
    13. fadedphantom
      Hahaha yeah, the islands are really nice. And I think things are cheap there... there might be a tax though, idk haha ^_^'

      Ohhhh that's right lol. I forgot. That's so cool!!
    14. fadedphantom
      Oh, well then Washington is good for you! Haha. Yeah, you should check out Orcas, or any of the San Juan Islands. There's also one called Blakely Island (I may have spelled that wrong...) and one of my old friends lives there every summer (her family owns a house there). The islands are really cool :)

      Haha that would be nice. If I walked down the road I'd either get hit by a car or die of exhaustion before I reach anywhere worth walking :/

      Haha wait, you speak english to the waiter and point to stuff? Where do you live again? Lol I'm confused...
    15. fadedphantom
      Hahaha well, that's a good reason to want to live somewhere. Although it's awfully cloudy in Washington... I think I'd get too depressed. But my grandparents own a house on an island off of Washington called Orcas Island, and it's soooooooo pretty there!! They live there for half the year and in California for the other half (because it gets cold up there lol). AND you could pretend that you're going to meet the Cullens!!! The first time I read Twilight I was in Washington, and whenever I'd look out the window I'd be like "It's exactly how it looks in the book!!!" It was very exciting lol :D

      Well, I don't really see it for sale much around here for some reason... I hardly ever go to 7-11 unless I'm like on a road trip or something so that could be why ^_^'

      OMG I knew that was how it was pronounced!!! But when I tried to order it like that at a restaurant the waiter gave me the strangest look and was like "What?" So I've been scared to order it ever since hahaha stupid waiter...
    16. fadedphantom
      Lol me too. I wanna stay in sunny California!! ...But I don't know if I'll be able to afford it...

      Haha I haven't had Fanta in years. I could never figure out how to say it, so I was always too afraid to order it lol ^_^' Is it Fah-n-ta, or Fan-ta?
    17. Maggy

      that happens to me sometimes, but what I really hate is when you're walking in the street and cars passing by honk at you for no reason! and it's always some guy DX lol
    18. fadedphantom
      Too bad!! You have to!! You can't let all those language skills go to use!!

      Hahaha yes, you would be diploma-less...
    19. Maggy
      lol, you attract little kids? xD
    20. Maggy
      well not right now lol but it's getting there haha
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    June 17
    in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats
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