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    Well the code you are using is not a complete code yet. the YY and XX are destination points that you need to sub the values of the place you are going to in with them. I can fix this for you if you give me the game and destination.
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    Unfortunatly when I didn't have oathkeeper equipped it still BSOD'd. When I tried to joker it, the action replay kept telling me invalid code entry. I went through every piece of the code and found no errors. If you can help more it will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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    Sorry it was taking me so long to reply I had some irl stuff to do but anyway the code just BSOD's on me =/
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    I just had a weird thought of a form I would like that maybe someone here can create for me. Well what I want is a warrior Sora that has final form's moveset. I was wondering if that was possible due to the fact that Sora is weilding a sheild. If someone does make this code could the sheild be Save the King? Thanks.
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    I don't think it includes driving due to that the drive guage under items isn't highlighted. I may be wrong though.
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    Thats not him backwards weilding but Roxas with Final Forms moveset. If you want the you go :=D:
    *EDIT* I see what you are talking about...I don't know why the code you made won't work with the backwards weilding but when I do the codes seperate(Dual weild roxas with backwards weilding) they seem to work fine. Maybe if you made them into seperate codes they would work.
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    Wouldn't that be possible for KH2FM since Sora weilds his keyblade and 2 float around him when he does that certain rection command in the Hooded Roxas battle?
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    I just had a random idea that I am wondering if it would work. If I wanted to relocate the Final Xemnas battle would it be so simple that I would just go into the cutscene when he says "Heros from the realm of light, I will not allow it to blah blah blah" and hold like R2 to go to Castle Oblivion? That would be awsome!
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    We have both already.
    Blitz Form
    21cb97b8 464c5442
    01cb97f6 0000000a
    10340b4c 0000002a
    11cef110 00000074
    21cefedc 4647414d
    21cefefc 464c5442
    11ceff00 00004c5f
    2037eb1c 3f000000
    201a0568 10000006

    Dark Warrior Sora
    21cb9818 464c5448
    21ceff38 00303330
    21ceff3c 00000000
    21ceff40 00000000
    1033fec0 000001ee
    10340b74 00000029
    11cef10c 0000056e
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    Profile Post

    Ok thanks anyway.

    Ok thanks anyway.
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    No problem ^^
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    Oh thats easy you must have 9 drive bars for that. Just get the code for 9 Drive bars and you are all set ^_^
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