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    Well, fixed the private thing.
    I would like to further discuss plans with you concerning... everything, really. Just everything.
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    So, although I haven't actually posted in Cove yet (waiting for the right moment), I did want to confirm my return as official.
    Plus, I've always wanted to make an AMV.

    So, I've done just that. An AMV for Cove (mostly of my characters) to say, "I'm back for realz."

    In light of the end of that video, I am also reserving...

    Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
    Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
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    Hello, kiddies! Guess who decided to drag his sorry ass back here!
    That's right! Joker's back in town!
    So yeah, I have returned to the Cove. Wonderful, eh? I will be honest.
    I've missed you guys.
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    -Avia, behind a really large rock-​

    Sherlock and Nixio were sleeping soundly behind a large rock...
    ... unfortunately, it was not a voluntary sleep. It was a sleep induced/forced on them by one man... well, Daedra. They weree suddenly awoken by a torrent of water thrown on their heads.
    "Come on! Wake up! Or you'll die! Actually... you know what? Forget what I said and go back to sleep. Unless you'd like to try fighting, that is." The Daedra in question said to them, being none other than Sheogorath. "You..." Nixio slowly got up, "you put us to sleep!?!?" He yelled at the Daedric Prince. "Yep, pretty much." Confirmed Sheogorath, to which Nixio tried to slice at him with his keyblade, only for the Daedra to disappear.
    "Nixio, we can hunt him later. Right now we're under attack." Observed Sherlock. "Of course, I didn't need to tell you that."
    Nixio silently agreed with the consultant detective and ran forth, slicing at one of the purple creatures.
    Sherlock then looked around at everyone he deduced had a spare weapon. Surely he didn't need to tell them he needed a weapon to fight, did he?

    -A few feet away-
    Cheesy BGM
    Maxi and Taki were working together to take down these things. Maxi kicked one into the air, which Taki then sliced through and landed on another, stabbing it. Maxi combo'd a third, knocking it into a fourth. Taki jumped to avoid the swipe of yet another of these creatures. "They're not tough, but there's lotsa them!" Maxi exclaimed. "I know. Too many of them." Agreed Taki, now standing back-to-back with the Nunchuck-wielding pirate.
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    Before you get excited, I am not returning, but I am here to sort out some details Kenneth forgot.

    There was the fact that I wanted my characters to be split between certain people, but I've changed my mind about that one so I won't enforce it.
    However, Kenneth did forget to mention that I left Terra to Chelsea, because I knew she'd want to try him.
    I know it's a small thing, but it is one final matter I wanted to adress, though I thought I'd already told him... then again, I've thought that a lot.
    This will be the last you hear of me! (On HSD!)

    This is officialy goodbye.
    See ya in the next RP we all happen to coincidentally be part of.
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    Making the reserve of...

    Grand Inquisitor Isillien (World of Warcraft)
    High General Abbendis (World of Warcraft)
    Brigitte Abbendis (World of Warcraft)
    Highlord Taelen Fordring (World of Warcraft)

    Prepare for the Crusader's.
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    Lastation: Purgatory plans and Hellish havoc


    In the Cardboard Ft.Knox, the three villains were discussing matters.
    "Vezok, how many of your troops are here?" Vezok did some numbers in his head, and then spoke with the answer; "20 Bohrak, 35 visorak, that makes..." He started counting on his fingers
    Jafar facepalmed and answered for him. "55, that makes 55 troops total. Add my 50 Heartless and... that makes 105 troops, barely enough to take Noire's house."
    As the villains contemplated their situation, they felt a cold chill, and then a voice sounded.
    "The CPU's have abandoned the party for some "relaxation", I wonder if my father has room for them in his realm." Said the voice, cold, and demonic.​
    Jafar, Richard and Vezok turned to see the owner of the voice...​
    Blackheart, son of Mephistopheles, stood there with them in his human form. "If you're going to strike," the demonspawn continued, "now is the time."
    Jafar, who could sense the dark power coming from Blackheart, stood from his cardboard chair and faced the child of Mephisto. "Even if you are right, 105 troops are not enough to take Noire's house, given the people staying there." However, Blackheart grinned.​
    "I already have allies with at least 100 more troops waiting to attack. My agenda is my own, but we have a common purpose, a common goal. Help me accomplish my goal, and I will help you with yours."
    Richard also sensed the power coming from Blackheart. "Does this mean we get to murder stuff?" Richard asked, excited.​
    One cold reply answered him; "Yes."
    "Count me in!" Richard exclaimed, jumping up and shaking Blackheart's hand vigorously. Eventually, Jafar and Vezok agreed to Blackheart's alliance and had their troops move out towards Noire's House.​
    Meanwhile, at Noire's house, two coated figures were watching. "How long are we supposed to sit here? the first one said.
    The second one humphed, ignoring him. "How many guys we got again? The first one proceeded to ask.
    "Not enough," came the answer from the second figure, and she continued "we wait until Blackheart gives us the signal, by then, we'll have enough."

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    Finally bringing in quite an ancient reserve.
    Username: Aragorns
    Character of Choice: Blackheart
    Game/Anime/etc. the character is from: MARVEL comics/Ghost Rider
    Additional Info: The son of Mephistopheles, prince of the underworld, Ghost Rider's arch nemesis... the enemy of all things good and pure. Blackheart, a demon lord of hell itself.
    You will now learn, that there is more than one Blackheart in the Cove... and he came first.
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    Name: Lee Everett
    Description: Formerly from Macon, Georgia, he was offered a position as History Professor in the University of Tokyo and took it to get away from his collapsing relationship with his wife, whose rarely home.
    Occupation: Tokyo University Professor of History
    Series character is from: Telltale Games The Walking Dead
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    Lastation: Blanc's Choice

    Ienzo actually went red as a rose for the first time in his life as his lips connected with Blanc's, he'd never thought she would settle for him, but he wasn't about to complain. Instinctly, his arms wrapped around Blanc, perhaps protectively, as the kiss went on.
    Shepard smiled at the sight... it reminded him of Tali, though. He looked over at Saisho, but couldn't think of any words to say.


    Nixio sighed, as he suddenly thought of Reinforce. "... I hope she's ok..." He looked around at the group, having not paid much attention to what was going on much at all, he watched as Link bound off in wolf form. "You find him adorable?" He asked Twilight, slightly smirking as he did so, knowing that there is the possibility it would pull a string or two.

    Caius' location; An old face, a new Hope.
    As Caius did whatever he was doing wherever he was, a voice sounded out to him. "Caius Ballad... we meet at last." That voice belonged to Hope Estheim, who proceeded to emerge from the shadows and kneel before Caius. "My master, Deathwing, sends his regards and wishes to forge an alliance between our two... sides..." Hope then called out to someone else... "Alter! Present yourself." His helmet hid the scars that Deathwing had left to... discipline... him.
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    I have returned, and as such, am making a reserve of...
    Lee Everett (TellTale's The Walking Dead)
    Clementine (TellTale's The Walking Dead)
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    Noire's House.

    Shepard awoke at around the same time as Blanc, having been knocked unconsious by Saisho's suprising strength. And a log to the head. "Who left a log on the floor anyway..." Shepard muttered to himself as he got up, he looked over at Saisho, then at Ienzo. Ienzo went over to Saisho himself and offered him a hand up, "Blanc... wishes to speak with us," he explained, before adding "Both of us. I saw that thing that came out of your head, it was obviously in control, not you... this is not your fault. Now come on." In truth, Ienzo was just happy Blanc was alive... but now, goodness knows what would happen. It was easier when I didn't have feelings... He thought to himself.

    Lastation; Return Reanimation of a "friend"

    Jafar, Richard, Barbossa and Vezok had been sitting in their cardboard Ft. Knox this entire time, but now Jafar emerged from his chambers... with the girl Richard found dead behind him... walking. "Bio-mechanicals and gentlemen, may I present to you our new ally... Elisha Kiki, apprentice of Mephisto Pheles."
    They all looked impressed, when Richard asked the obvious question; "How do you know about Mephisto Pheles?"
    "I fixed my laptop."
    "Makes sense."
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    Making a reserve of people who might well die within the first few seconds of RPing
    But oh well

    Bran Stark (Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire)
    Hodor (Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire)
    Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire)
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