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    Awaking of the Protectors of Light is when there are few keyblade wielders left, but we need more to protect the light. When someone receives a keyblade, they come to "The World That Should Be". This is the place we train at. (its like organization XIII but with keyblade wielders)

    Character Template

    Appearance~can use a url or pic
    Bio~ (background information)
    Home World~
    Description of Keyblade~
    Name of Keyblade~
    Attacking Style~
    Vessel to other worlds~
    Position of Keyblade organization~ ( i will tell you what position ur in like, Master, student, leader, healer, train to be leader)


    Name~ Hikari Shimizu
    Age~ 17
    Bio~ Lived a normal shinobi life until a woman named Saiora appeared to her and gave her the keyblade to protect her sister and brother. Trained herself to every extent of the keyblade's power. Decided to create an organization of Keyblade Warriors to protect the light.
    Personality~ kind yet stubborn. likes to spend time on her own reading, writing, even singing
    Home World~ Radient Garden
    Description of Keyblade~
    Name of Keyblade~ Ultimate Keyblade of Leadership (it adapts to the wielder)
    Attacking Style~ Speed
    Vessel to other worlds~ void of light/ Keyblade Rider
    Position of Keyblade organization~Leader/Healer <-(until a new one comes)
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    hi how r u?

    hi how r u?
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