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    Depends on the chip, some of them let you use gameshark and whatnot on it, others dont.
    But by the sounds of it its not the problem for him. Don't think the game would boot at all if it was.
    Post by: AntiWeapon, Apr 12, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    It will not work regardless of what you do. Org cloak roxas does not line up with soras animations, the models are just too different.
    Post by: AntiWeapon, Mar 29, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    I might be a little out of practice but are you trying to put the Org cloak roxas into soras UCM slot?

    That won't work.
    Post by: AntiWeapon, Mar 28, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    Wow nice job evil. D: Not only with the codes, your pretty pro at this game I just kinda hack n slash till things die. ^^;
    Post by: AntiWeapon, Mar 3, 2010 in forum: New Releases
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    Boreman, thanks for letting us know about this, I gotta try this out for myself when my nets not craptactular.

    But, I'm more curious on the kh2 beta you mentioned that may be floating around. Think you could ask a few people or something on its whereabouts?
    Post by: AntiWeapon, Jan 9, 2010 in forum: Video Showcase
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