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    Admittedly underwhelming trailer, but the new graphics engine looks very sleek. I still think KH Triple-D remaster was a bit unnecessary and taking out the 3DS's original dual screen capabilities has basically stripped a good chunk of the gameplay experience, but I guess the updated textures and whatnot looks great, too. Somehow not really digging the Japanese voices for the Foretellers based on that chi[x] clip, hopefully the English ones are a bit more satisfactory. Here's hoping for a bundle pack release with a PS4~
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    Aw man, it's being released in episodes? :/ The major problem I see with going down this route is how linear the story might end up becoming. To me, it only sounds like more harm than benefit, especially if they are concerned about cutting content.
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    The recent trailer is aesthetically pleasing, I actually dig the light filters they have in Midgar (which hopefully leaves for the scenery outside of Midgar to be gorgeous). Gameplay-wise... well, I would be lying if I said that it didn't remind me of FFXIII, FFXV, and Advent Children combined. Can't tell if it's good or bad thing for me since I'm not particularly attached to the nostalgia the original ATB had, but it's definitely saying something that if during playing this I am rather reminded of other games' battle systems.

    I believe they definitely got Steve Burton to voice Cloud again (which I'm personally happy about for consistency's sake) but I'm curious if they changed it for Barret.
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    I think this is exactly hype for the inevitable FFVII Remake. Otherwise, I see no other reason why then adding Cloud would be relevant choice.

    But in any case, this announcement is equal parts surprising and unsurprising. What little we see of the Midgar stage looks pretty badass though, if I do have to say.
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    First day off for Halloween in three years... but instead doing schoolwork. D;
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    >Mom asks what I want for birthday
    >Initially thinks about getting a Zelda or Final Fantasy game
    >Realizes that I should broaden my horizons
    >Wishes for the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection
    >Mom questions me, saying it "doesn't fit my style"
    > :\
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    My costume design professor told me that if I designed Macbeth in the likeness of Kim Jong-il, I would be his favorite student ever.

    Welp, guess it's time to kiss ass.
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    I ate some eerily suspicious pizza from my fridge today and then balanced it out by devouring one-half of a full-sized watermelon.

    This is what happens when the parents are out. :d
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    Sweet Jesus, even the explanation for the whole numbering and decimal business just seems very arbitrary and trivial, lmao. But I figured as much that this was definitely not the last thing they were planning to drain us of our money expand the franchise. I'm speculating the last "0.1" will be some kind of DLC or expansion pack or something post-release of KH3.
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    Donate it to the kids~ Just chopped 20 inches this summer and now some kid has crazy split-ends.
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    Breaking Bad was quite a cool show. Unfortunately, I don't have the free sources anymore to watch it again. :c
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    Ah yes, the set-up for the set-up, lmao. Aside from the otherwise weird titles, looks pretty cool. I do feel like it will be quite overwhelming with the amount of backstory and exposition in prep for KH3 :| (especially for localized versions where we didn't even have the luxury of taking in KHchi[x]'s story)

    Gonna need that PS4 sooner than I thought though D; Perhaps a bundle will be most likely in store for next year...
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