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    This is looking soooooo sweet! I don't think I'll be getting a PS4 anytime soon so I'll end up getting it on the Wii U if I can get one before it comes out. Definitely has the potential for GOTY, at least out of this and GTAV for me.
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    Thing is there are still some unanswered questions left like what happened in the downfall of Radiant Garden 9 years before the first KH and Aqua's as well as Mickey's time in the realm of darkness. But I wouldn't mind that being explained in KH3... unless we get to play as Mickey for a full scenario. In that case, do it Nomura.
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    Those HD Sprites and two people on one screen man! And the best part: Twitter integration. TWITTER! Because that's what everyone wanted, right?
    Hahahaha (This was truly a disappointment.)

    Edit: Should add though, that I probably would still buy it if I had an iPhone/iPad. Remixed music would make up for it.
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    I also got it ME 2... without playing 1. Bwahahaha! :Cough:
    Actually I picked it up 3 months ago and still haven't played it and I don't know why.
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    Any updates on how that has worked for you? Unfortunately my special portals have screwed up because the ones in the forecast aren't the ones found in the FAQ I'm using.
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    Funnily enough, most of my favourite lines and scenes had Lea in them and I only actually started to warm up to him after 358/2 Days and that's mainly because of Quinton Flynn. Also enjoyed whenever Sora kept referring to Mickey as 'Your Majesty' before saying 'Ah, gotta stop that'. The lines as a whole felt very organic in this game and that's what contributed to the scenes imo.
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    Have you tried dropping a few times to see if its there? As Myst said the game was only in development for a year so it has a lot of bugs. I don't recall having problems with the secret portals on my first playthrough though, only the special ones.
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    My most favourite would also have to be Sora vs Xemnas, if not for the boss music being epic there then for the fact that Xemnas throws BUILDINGS AT YOU. His awesomeness went up by 10 when I saw that. My most fun fight though would be Sora fighting Clawbster in PP. Monstro in a bubble is all I really need to say about that.
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    To be honest I wouldn't mind a corridor game like 10 as long as the story and gameplay is great. Not to mention from what we've seen of Versus so far, that seems to be an open world game and it has pretty good graphics, obviously not on par with Advent Children but I think with next gen consoles we would start to see a push in that direction. Though with companies like Epic Games wanting the PS4 and Durango to be powerful enough to display Avatar like graphics, I doubt Sony and Microsoft won't comply.
    They obviously won't be anything like Avatar of course. They said the PS3 and 360 would be able to do Toy Story graphics and that barely happened.
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    Sounds really interesting and the demo looks great. I would hope that Sony and Microsoft don't have a small increase in terms of power for their next gen consoles like its rumoured just to keep them cheap. It would be great to see this engine used to its fullest potential. Think I'm starting to sounding like a graphics whore now, lol.
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    I'm liking it quite a bit so far and would probably use it more than the gamepad if I bought a Wii U. Even then, the analog stick placement looks really weird but I haven't played on it yet so I'm sure I would get used to it.
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    Huh, didn't realise that they had things like this in the game. Nice little touches like those are great. The only one I really remember though was after killing sin's fins where I always got Lulu's speech.
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    The Incredibles could work great as a KH3 world considering it's only one movie and I would like to fight along with Mr Incredible. :)
    Other than that, I'm hoping that they also announce a HD collection. I pretty sure they won't announce KH3 now especially when Versus is seeming to take forever to come out.
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