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    Okay so I KNOW I've seen a photo of someone cosplaying as Xaldin but he has Belle's dress on. I'm tried looking for it but no luck. Does anyone know where I can find it? I want to show a classmate that it's a real thing.
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    It took 9 days for someone to do it? man you're slow lol
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    Title: Blood Skies.
    Author: A.L. Star.
    Release date: 3rd March.
    Genre: Fantasy.
    Blurb: In the magical world of Eden, Heidi Cole lives a quiet life in the middle of Ivy Forest with her grandmother until the shape-shifting Prince Ibis Serpell of Solaris crash-lands near her home. Heidi and Ibis set out to help Ibis escape the captain of a band of sky pirates known as Blood Skies, the malevolent and power-hungry Captain Shani who needs the prince to restore the sunken island Estrella she wishes to rule, in hopes of gaining more power.

    The longer Heidi travels with Ibis, the more she finds that he isn't the only one Shani needs. The captain also needs her. What connection does Heidi have with Shani?


    *Edited* I released it early, link in my signature if you want to buy it.
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    When I was admin for the day.
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    What's that a reference too?

    Also, update! Turns out I can pay half of what I need to now and the rest once the book is ready to be sold. so I can get it started sooner then I expected.
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    Well has it?
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    Here's what I look like.

    View attachment 46205
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    It does a little, but that's the only thing they have in common really. And I see what you did there.
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    That is what editors are for. I've fixed the mistake, thanks for pointing it out. To answer your question; I am very excited. I've been working on this book since before I joined this site. The main reasons it's taken so is because of life, college ad depression.
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    Thank you. I'll update you all when it's being published.
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    (Posting it here and not in the literature section since I'm not published yet. Move this if it should be there.)

    That's right everyone. The very same person who had issues with typos a few years ago has written a book. I've been working on this project since I was 18. it's only taken this long because of college, family and depression got in my way, as well the problem I had with spelling which I have under control.

    The title of my book is Blood Skies

    The genre the book is fantasy and set in the world of Eden where the people have elemental magical skills based on where they live. A small percentage of people also have the ability to transform into non-human creatures.

    The protagonist is called Heidi Cole who lives in a large forest with her grandmother who most uses Earth magic.

    The antagonist is called Shani, captain of a sky pirate ship called Blood Skies.

    That's all I want to give away for now when it's close to being published. I'll give you all more details.

    (I need to raise some money to get it published, commission information in my signature).
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    I can't wait to hear the next song! I'm sure it'll sound awesome!
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