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Nov 14, 2011
Nov 5, 2006
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Feb 16, 1994 (Age: 30)
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Alex C:

Kingdom Keeper, 30, from Chicago

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Nov 14, 2011
    1. reptar
      ima gonna get a car with square wheels, be all pimpin and shiz
    2. Luka
      i was getting my presents xD
      i got 4 omgyay
    3. Luka
      i never feed trolls o:
      i love you too :'D
    4. Sorax
      Seems that you're carrying too much problems than you can handle.

      I'll help a bit

      I can't help you much at the moment because I'll about to go, but all I can tell you is that you need to take it one step at a time. You got plenty of time so no worries.

      Also, if people starts calling you mean, accept it first, then try and change their mind. Show that they have judged you lightly.

      Girls will be here and there. if you really don't like the girl, then reason with her, you can't just let her hope that someday, she'll get that chance. She needs to explore more. If she is willing to wait, then that's fine, that's her business, but give it to her straight you can't just keep on avoiding it.

      Well I really need to go. If you want, I will go into further detail tomorrow. Okay, bye!
    5. Alex C:
      Alex C:
      A comment to someone on myspace so dont be confused by the narration:

      well like im all pissed for several thingss.

      first off victor has been PO'd lately and i have to try and help him. he keeps getting mad at people and i try to make him happy but he doesnt listen.
      and when i do help him i feel like he doesnt even care. or if he really appriciates or notices how i care for him. cause like for example i was talking to him about his problems and helping him. and i was really concerned. and then he just says hes all better and i ask why and he said cause his friend (thats a girl) said that she felt bad and would give him a hug. and that made him more happy then what i told him. and we were talking pretty long.

      and he thinks he's shadow and stuff. which gets me madd. and i keep telling him that he shouldnt try to live up to me and he should be happy with his own life.

      thenn my ex is still heartbroken and i feel bad. and it sux too cause she wants to stop communicating and even though as a gf she was a bit too much as a friend she was pretty cool. and besides that its almost impossible for me and her to not see her or me or hear about her or me. like today i went in my old skool to wait for my dad to pick me up and she was there and her friends hid and tried to make me notice. and she didnt say anything but later she said about it on myspace.

      thennn theres this girl that really likes me. and shes cool and all except.. well i dont like her backk (dont mention this part on myspace or just hint it) and idk how to break it to her. i mean she hasnt asked me out or anything yet so idk how to deal with it. and she invited me to hang with her this weekend. i said yeah to be nice but idk if i shouldve.

      anddd speaking of liking. i still like this girl. but now im kinda confused cause i think i like someone else too. but idk. and idk if i even like the two. it seems like it a lot. but it seems weird to me since i barely know both of them. so yeahh.

      andd theres a couple of juniors i talk to and one of them is really disappointed in me cause well theres a lot of reasons... like the things i did and said. and recently i made out with a junior girl and he got really mad. and he always asks why i do that. and idk people tell me that he shouldnt be even asking that. and he has no right to. but idk i feel kinda bad but i still kinda think its no big deal.

      and some friends are starting to call me mean and stuff.
    6. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
    7. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      ok...then i could take you on (in a fist fight) ne day HAHA
    8. Sorcerer_Jenkins

      doesn't look like you have 300 pounds on me. looking at that picture on your user account (is that you or Jeremy?) neways, how's life?
    9. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      your sick, but kinda cool.

      SHUT UP! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *schizoid laugh*

      maybe that'll scare you away! hahahahahahahahah
    10. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      no....idk, depends, if you weigh 200 punds then probably.

      i'm about 145 to 160 in between there i think.

      join the dark side man.
    11. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      means......idk either haha
    12. Shadow_Rocks
    13. Sorcerer_Jenkins
      judging by your picture, i have 100 pounds on you and two years of street smarts.
    14. *Hippie Jesus*
      *Hippie Jesus*
      You know whats a fun thing to do?

      Delete your read PMs :3
    15. jafar
      Actually, I tried to grow a beard, recently, but my parents were all "Noooo! It's not clean" and so forth. The I wanted to grow longer sideburns, and my parents forced me to shave that off too.
    16. kingdom945
      I know he shouldn't, but he does sometimes.

      and kk byeee alex! I'll see ya later. <33
    17. kingdom945
      thats because you're one of the best friends anyone could ever have. and I agree, ashley is sweet.


      I think I got him under control. maybe he wont eat anyone now.
    18. kingdom945
      even if I am, you're the best, love. you're probably the only person in the world who if I came wouldn't hurt me in any way;;

      I only care because when he gets angry with me he takes it out in very harsh ways, alex.
    19. kingdom945
      well sky just got online, I'm afraid what he'll do to me.

      we would have a blast, most definitely. Out of everyone you're probably the one person I'd like to meet most, since anyone else would probably just sit in silence with me. lol.
    20. kingdom945
      oh oh oh.. well like. idk. maybe in a while. I'm not really sure yet but hopefully I will.

      mhm I am the best at making people have fun.
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    Feb 16, 1994 (Age: 30)
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