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    ... A rock > Kairi.

    idk. I don't like her, but I don't hate her. But I can name a few who seriously have issues with Kairi.

    *Goes back into hiding*
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    At least it'll have the KH-ie feeling to it. I hardly use the Sythesize moogles. *brick'd*

    But I agree with Axel 00, just things to boost up stats. :3
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    Pfft. Pfft. Pfft.


    EDIT: TY, Mikie, what would we do without you?
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    o_o The picture of Axel seems new to me.

    But wow, they made on already...
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    Meh, I don't want them to rush trying to get Days to North America (Geez, why do people sa USA instead of NA? I thought Canada and America get games on the same date.) right after they release it in Japan.

    After seeing some cutscenes for Re:CoM, some of the syncing was off, and some voices didn't fit.

    But no official date as of yeeet.
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    TWEWY Rp

    "..." Uzuki stayed silent, "But if it's your punishment, why did it effect me too?" she asked.

    She got out her cell phone again, touching it's unfamiliar surface. She opened it up to see the mission mail. The guardian of Towa Records... she thought, I wonder who's this week's GM.

    She looked at her partner with worried eyes, she made a face that was a rare sight to see.

    "I guess, we're gonna have to play the game again." she stated, "...I hope this will end soon."
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    TWEWY Rp

    "Players..." she mummured, "PLAYERS?! But were REAPERS!" she yelled at him, taking both of her clothed hands and placed them on top of her head. Trying to pull on the short locks of pink hair.

    She shrieked in frustration. How did this happen? Why is this happening? She didn't want to play the game again! Playing through it once was enough, going through a second time was freakin' hell!

    Uzuki grabbed onto his shoulders, "Kariya," she muttered, looking straight into his eyes, "...Tell me what happened. I don't want to be a know I hated the week I played two years ago."

    Her mind played memories of her time playing the game. She didn't choose to get a second chance...she chose to get a second chance and become a Reaper. But getting there wasn't easy. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

    [OOC: JOSHUA IS THE JESUS WE WANTED, BUT DIDN'T GET. And Xaale, I like your TwewyOCedit...character. xD I can never make clothing by scratch.]
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    TWEWY Rp

    [OOC: Good ol'paint. No seriously, paint. xD *Huggles paint* I has no photoshop ATM.]
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    I'm just mad that the fact that they keep their coats in Halloween Town. *Whines* I WANTED TO SEE NEW OUTFFITS FOR HALLOWEEN TOWN, I MEAN SORA GOT ONE, WHY NOT ROXAS AND EVERYONE ELSE?! D:
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    You heard me riiight~


    Creditz: KHI, Akira-san @Light in Chaos

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    TWEWY Rp

    [OOC: Not that I'm not complaining about the anime con. It's just the Twilight movie...don't like that series. xD ]

    Uzuki stared at her partner in confusion, she tilted her head. "Hey, Kariya..." she trailed, her eyes widened, "...Kariya! Your wings! Your wings!"

    She pointed at his black reaper wings. They were vanishing! How was that happening? Then she turned her back, her own wings were dissappearing in front of her eyes. She shrieked in panic.

    She turned her head back to the orange haired reap- teen, "Now you have to know what is going on, Koki Kariya." she used his full name, and when she did, it meant she was seriously serious.
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