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March 28


King's Apprentice, from Shibuya

Great, I've got to deal with you too. Aug 23, 2012

Akino was last seen:
Aug 23, 2012
    1. Akino
      Great, I've got to deal with you too.
    2. Scott Pilgrim
      Scott Pilgrim
      It's cool. Welcome back!
    3. Scott Pilgrim
      Scott Pilgrim
      What happened to you. We're never talking anymore. It's like when I abandoned the name Sho, you just forgot me....or did I not tell you about the name change?
    4. TacoGrenade
      Hey cool sprites. I was thinking of doing that sorta thing myself.
    5. In_the_Twilight
      LOVE your sig! I agree...the new pairing is gold. Watching the trailer/pictures, I was wondering if anybody else picked up on that. (Hand on the shoulder, holding her in his arms...so sweet. He deserves it)
      Probably ends tragically though, like the story of his life. *cries and comforts Riku*
    6. Korra
      No problem. :3

      YYEAAAAAH! New pairing to spaz over. 8D
    7. Forever Love
      Forever Love


      *hugs boy toy*
    8. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Omg, yeshhh. 8D <3

      Are you freakin' serious? That's ridiculous. Those haterzz.
    9. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Oh, YES. <333

      Yeah. There was a thread about it, I think. They don't even know her personality or anything about her, and they're already bashing her.

      PS - I put the Rion thing in my siggy. Take a look when you get the chance. xDD
    10. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      xD We are. That's okay, though. Just another obsession I'll love. 8D

      lolz. That could possibly be it, and plus I think I read something in a scan about him telling Axel something about Xion's existence or Roxas' frienship. I dunno which one, but I think you're on the right track.

      Omg, me too. Rion4evahhh.
    11. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      Aw, that'd be cute, which would cause more tears, you know. Actually, that might happen, but another Org. member DiZ will hurt her instead, and then he runs over to her, screaming something like, "NO! XION!" and then runs over to her and then holds her and then that scene from the trailer starts. ...Yeah, I get a litte carried away. xDD
    12. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Omg, you're right! Ah, dang. He better not. I hope he won't. =( That's so bogus how we were on the right track without even knowing it! omfgrofl O_O

      xDDD I think I'll stay straight, kthnx. Sora's more my type. =P
    13. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Yes, she is. BBS and 358/2 Days are gonna be epic.

      Yeah, only Riku. I have a feeling that if he does kill her off, he'll be forced to, but really not want to.
    14. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Yeah, well...both, or all three. xDD

      I will probably cry when she dies. I cried at the end of KH2 because I thought that was it. I hadn't known the secret ending existed when I finished.

      But, damn, that would suck so bad if he had to kill her off. God, Nomura has a freakin' twisted mind.
    15. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Ugh, I know. I hope she doesn't. She's so cute. xD

      I know, poor Riku. I'm starting to think that that is another reason why he stayed in Darkness, to search for her...maybe. Hey, a girl can dream. :P
    16. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      xD True, true. Maybe Riku will end up like her, no?

      I hope so. It'd be so adorable. :3
    17. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Ah, I get it. xDD

      They are SO cute! I want them to be a pair so bad!
    18. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Aww! I love your siggy. Riku/Xion is such a cute couple. <3

      BTW, what does OTP mean? xD
    19. Xerokuzai
      TGS just makes people wanna post i guess xD
    20. Xerokuzai
      Yeah i do remember you xD

      I kinda died for a bit ><!

      How have you been?
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