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    Ochaco is a short girl of a slender yet curvy figure. She is fair-skinned with a perpetual blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are large and round, their irises a warm brown, with rather thick upper eyelashes, two longer and more prominent ones protruding outwards on either side and fewer but more individually pronounced lower eyelashes.

    Shoulder-length and about the same color as her eyes, her hair is bobbed and curved inwards at the ends, two longer clumps taking the same shape on either side of her face, and short bangs that reach roughly a quarter of the way down her forehead. On the top inner segment of each of her fingers, she has a small pink pad, somewhat resembling the toe of a cat or a dog’s paw, which she uses when activating and deactivating her Quirk.

    During school, she wears the regular U.A. uniform, which consists of a gray dress jacket with green stripes: the thin one below the tick one, two pockets and gold buttons, a white dress shirt, a red tie, a black pleated skirt, black tights and brown slip-on shoes instead of the usual knee-high socks worn by her other female classmates.

    Her hero costume consists of a black full-body suit with a pale pink design down the middle of her torso, two black circles on her chest, and a black rectangle below her waist, running between her legs. There are two more pink patches over her shoulders, both cut off by darker pink armbands that match the thick choker around her neck.

    She has circular wrist guards, a dark pink handle on the back of each shadow of war, wide knee-high boots with magenta soles and a two-piece belt around her waist a circle embedded into the center where the pieces join up, a helmet with a tinted visor sometimes worn on her head, all of which are the same pale pink color. The accessories are designed to press her acupuncture points, and the skin tightness of her costume is apparently an error due to her not being specific in her design request.

    Her costume gets an upgrade during the Hero Work-Studies. The belt around her waist has been altered. Her arm gauntlets have been changed and with rings protruding on the side, and are now able to shoot grappling hooks. She no longer has a glass visor in front of her face.
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    Have been facing this issue. Thank you for the link.
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    I have liked all the Star wars movie and this too was good.
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    Ohh this is really a great news. Would really love it to pick up these for PC.
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    Currently Spotify is in trend
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    I know a person, will share his details. But let me get the confirmation from him first.
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    Hi, thanks for sharing the information.
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