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    Karina just blinked and looked around Agrabah. Aladdin asked where they wanted to go, but truth be told Karina had no clue what they were actually looking for. Trouble tended to find them and she didn't know what Agrabah had to offer. Finally Karina just sighed there was no real direction to go but if they were to look for trouble which would probably lead to the princess then they should go where people were. If trouble didn't find them they would most likely hear at least some rumours that would lead them where they needed to go. Now however there wasn't much to go off of. "I guess the markets." Karina said with a shrug, looking to the others for confirmation.
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    Karina was used to the bizarreness of traveling worlds, but as she learned to deal with people more it became a whole other thing to learn. She usually spoke her mind and then fought things and now trying to figure out how to be more careful with her words came with a bit of trouble. At least Karina knew this much, introductions were almost never wrong. "My name is Karina.... you can call me Karina." It never occurred to her how odd it was that she didn't have a nickname like the rest, but as everyone introduced themselves with a formal name and a nickname Karina tried to play up that she didn't have one, though it felt weird.

    Then there was the matter of the carpet and getting back. While there was the whole world order nonsense to worry about, Karina knew the moment heartless showed up and normality they might have carried would be out the window anyways. Deciding playing coy wasn't worth it, Karina just summoned her glider and got on.
    "We will be fine as long as you lead the way." She said offering no explanation to any of what she had just done and hoped that this Aladdin guy would just go along with it.
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    Wide eyed and more than a little confused Karina watched what had happened. First of all the cave started to talk. Not the oddest thing she had seen on her travels but still more than a little odd. Second was a boy on a flying carpet who flew out of the collapsing talking cave head. "Well I think we found the infidel... so what now?" Karina asked probably far more casually than this situation required but at the end of the day they had seen and been through everything imaginable, this didn't affect her that much. "I guess we should follow him, huh?" Karina asked sounding more exasperated by the situation than even worried. She looked to Luna for confirmation, the princess surely would tell them to do the right thing. ​
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    Immediately arriving in the desert world Karina wished she didn't have her coat, or perhaps a change of clothes was required for the hot temperatures that faced them. Well at least she wasn't as bothered as she could be, after all fire was her element meaning the heat ran through her veins. Still Karina used the slightest bit of magic to store her coat in wherever their changes of clothes came and went from before examining the cave. "That certainly is a lions head. And I don't like the look of those eyes." Karina crossed her arms, instantly remembering the damage she had done to herself in training. Was it worth taking this world easy? There was no reason to, she was recovered. Sighing and shaking her head Karina approached the mouth and stared at the teeth. "As long as these teeth aren't real I think it is a cave that we should explore."
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    As far as I am aware it is not an issue with the forum, as far as I can add and remove a png image from my own signature without such issues. But without knowing anything about the image that you are trying to add I cannot tell you what the issue may be. Check the file format, coding and size of the image that you are trying to add. Have you tried to use the image in other places to test, like another forum or the likes with similar code to insert it? Just a few things I can think to suggest to test it out but again without being able to see what is happening myself it is hard for me to help.
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    Karina rolled her eyes at Beuce. Niche or not she would love to not have to ask for help and just know. She supposed that was more conditioning from her homeworld talking. Seeing the men in the armies learn and tried for many weapons and positions to be good at everything. In the end her secret training could only go so far and that was the keyblade. But she couldn't help but think that she would prefer to do more. At the end of the day though it didn't matter because there was a announcement on the intercoms to interrupt their conversation. "Back to work I guess." Karina mumbled as she got up ready to go.

    Listening to the explanation set before them it seemed mixed signals. They found three but only found two but didn't know how to identify them? At least they knew the world and if Karina knew anything it was that trouble would find them, and the princesses of those worlds. With those two things combined it shouldn't be hard to find the person they were looking for and at least they would have some notice about some of the enemies. Now it was time to decide where she would go. The desert didn't sound pleasant but what was even more unpleasant was the idea of having to deal with some sort of voodoo. Karina quickly decided the heat wouldn't be so bad, especially with her affinity for fire. So she turned and followed Luna. "I hope you don't mind me joining you."
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    Karina watched as Kaida tried to show her how the phone worked. She followed the steps on her own phone till she got to her list of chats which was quite short. "I think I got it. Thanks." Karina replied but she couldn't promise how well she would retain that information. Karina tucked her phone away as other joined and started asking about what they had been doing, Karina just kind of shrugged. "Training mostly. Trying to be somewhat decent at the scythe. Unfortunately I found I don't have an uncanny talent for learning new weapons just like that." Karina glared at Beuce a bit as she said that. Not that she was upset with him but a bit jealous of how quickly he had figured her weapon out compared to the struggles she had been having. ​
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    Karina sat down at the table with a style of food that she had never tried before, but it had chicken, rice and potatoes which she knew. There was something called pita but from what she understood it was a kind of bread. The sauces and seasonings were foreign to her but she figured that it was worth trying. There was so many options that it was hard for Karina not to just go without because she couldn't make a choice. Either way as she sat down to join Kaida and Beuce she stared at her phone awkwardly. "Well can you explain this thing to me again? Better than talking about the weather. I see the message when it is on the screen here but I can never find them again if I look at it and forget to do anything about it. I nearly smashed this thing last week just trying to figure it out." She sounded more frustrated than anything. Clearly she wasn't embarrassed by her lack of tech savvy. ​
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    Beuce had left a bit ago and Karina ended up promising that she would stay in the Infirmary until the next day. Between the lack of sleep and her head still throbbing, even with the expedient nature that they with keyblade tended to heal, it was best that way. It still pissed Karina off to no end that she had to sit around and do nothing, but at least she knew everyone was back now and safe. She envied Beuce for the training he got and everything he told her about. It did nothing to make her feel better about her own training. Now in the quiet of the room she was starting to seethe again thinking about it. Luckily she didn't have too much time to seethe before Luna walked in, which lowkey surprised Karina. "Oh, hey what are you doing here?" She asked Luna.

    Once Luna had gotten back from her mission to Solara Lua, she went back to her room to put her stuff back with Phobos, in his hatchling form, on her shoulder. She had remained quiet throughout the whole ride back to Central Haven. Her silence had been justified as recent events had left her with many thoughts and feelings. None of which were happy or positive. She looked over at her left forearm and flipped it so it had faced upwards. As she turned her arm, a black ink had started etching itself onto her skin, revealing what had appeared to be a dragon and a crescent moon. Recalling the events that had transpired recently, she dropped her arm before looking over at a frame with a picture of her family in it. Luna left her room and made her way towards the infirmary. She had heard of what had happened to Karina so she had decided to check on her. Luna walked in and gave a small wave and a slight smile. "Hey. I had heard you gotten hurt. I wanted to pay a small visit. How are you feeling?"

    "My head is killing me, but the swelling in my arm is starting to go down." Karina said as she sat up a bit. "Who knew fighting an ice titan after staying up all night to learn how to use a new weapon then trying to fight with that weapon instead of your boring keyblade was a bad idea?" She tried to make a bit of a joke, chuckling a little bit. Her face dropped a bit as she thought about how Kupo'd the training was. "How was your trip?" Karina then asked

    “If you would like, I can make some tea that might help with the pain. It’s my father’s own recipe. It’s helped many a times.” Luna chuckled a bit before looking around the room for any items to make tea. After brewing the tea, she poured it into two cups, one for herself and the other for Karina. She walked back over to her and passed the other cup. “I would give it a minute to cool. Trust me” Luna chuckled a bit again before sipping out of her own cup. When asked about her trip, her slight smile gradually went away. She gripped the cup tightly as she recalled what happened. “As of now, Solara Lua has been restored and my people are now slowly making their way back if they have chosen to come back.” She paused. “However….” She paused once more. “It did not come into fruition without difficulty.” Luna looked back up at Karina. “Aux is now missing…”

    Karina took the tea, grateful that Luna bothered even if she didn't necessarily think it was needed. After a minute Karina took a few sips, her mind wondering to what Luna's father might have been like. Certainly nothing like her own. When Luna finished telling her what happened though, Karina nearly dropped her cup. When she flinched to make sure she didn't she jerked her injured arm and drew in a sharp breath. "Do you think he just ran off?" She asked Luna sounding slightly concerned.

    Luna moved immediately as she saw Karina almost drop her cup. It was definitely a fair reaction to news such as that. Luna sat back down before taking another sip. “No…” She paused. “Whiskey did a surprise attack on us. I don’t know how she was able to find us but she did.” Luna took another sip as she continued to tell her tale. “I had used up all the power I had at that moment and I wasn’t able to stop him.” She looked down at the ground. “Aux dragged Whiskey into the darkness with him before she could do anything else.” Luna looked into the cup as she continued to recount her tales. “I saw it with my own two eyes as well as my brother. I couldn’t stop him…”

    Karina started to move, trying to get up. "Then we have to go find him. Does DJ know? Is that idiot trying to get himself killed?" Karina want mad at Luna, but she sure as hell was mad at Aux.

    Luna shook her head before looking back up. “I only just got back not too long ago. I’m still working through some other issues…” She took another sip before placing the cup on a table. Luna wanted to at least talk to someone other than her brother about what she had learned back on Solara Lua but she also didn’t know if Karina would even want to listen. “I also don’t think it’s a smart idea to just recklessly jump into the search. Not until we have a thought out plan.” She immediately stopped Karina before she could injure herself anymore than she already was. “Right now, it’s imperative that you recover first. It won’t help anyone if you’re injured even more.”

    At first Karina didn't like Luna trying to stop her. Didn't like that Luna was here instead of making a big deal about this to DJ, but as she looked at Luna's face, it dawned on her how hard this all must be fore Luna. "Sorry." She said trying to settle back into her bed. "Shiro already made a comment about my fire burning bright in an instant and burning itself out. Guess he isn't wrong." Karina wasn't trying t make excuses per say, she just felt the need to at least somewhat justify her brash actions. "I know this must be hard for you. And I am not good at all that mushy stuff or support. I am no princess of heart, but I can at least try if you want to talk. I will try not to make it worse."

    Luna shook her head. “There is no need for apologies. I know we should be doing all we can to find Aux but if we go in head first without a plan, I fear we will go in circles.” Luna looked back at Karina. “I’m worried about Aux as well but the best course of action to take is to be patient and come up with a plan on how to go about the search.” Luna chuckled a bit before nodding her head. “I fear there’s more adding to my worries along with Aux’s disappearance. However, I appreciate that. Thank you.” Luna looked down before letting out a sigh. “Where to even begin….” Luna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and continued to cast her eyes to the ground. “I do not know what believe anymore. There were hidden dark secrets about my family’s lineage that had revealed itself and other secrets that are difficult for me to even begin processing. Let alone accept those facts.” She paused. “I feel angry, upset, shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken all at the same time…” The princess paused once again. “I haven’t felt like this in such a long time but back then at the time all I felt was anger and sorrow.”

    There was a moment of confusion on Karina's face as she tried to grasp what Luna was feeling. "If you don't like the past of your family why not just do things differently going forwards? You are just you, you aren't beholden to the past or its rules." Karina offered. "I don't know what that is like, honestly I never respected my family so I can't feel betrayed by their secrets, I don't care to learn them in the first place. But anger and sorrow aren't bad things if you use them to learn right? You are the most perfect person I know Luna and if you feel something is wrong then I believe you. I also believe you can find a solution to it." Karina tried to give her a bit of a smile but with her tired worn out look she wondered if it looked more scary than polite.

    Luna shook her head. “I’m aware. It’s just…..”She paused as she casted her gaze towards the floor. “Knowing that the choices made in the past was not my fault nor should it be a concern of mine….I still can’t help but feel like I had a hand in that.” Luna listened as Karina put her own two cents into the princess’ situation. Luna looked back up to meet Karina’s eyes. Luna’s eyes widen slightly as Karina gave her praises to the silver haired girl. Karina smiled as she praised her. Luna smiled slightly as well. “I am not as perfect as you say I am. I have had my fair amount of imperfection and flaws. However…” Luna paused. “Hearing it said from you….It really does mean a lot…Thank you Karina.” She smiled once more. “I have met many people in my life and yet none of them have ever made such an impact on my life like you have. You are one of the strongest and fiercest people I have ever met. You have strength that I wish I could possess. You are able to live your life freely and you do not let words of others sway your choices or dictate how you live your life.” She paused once more. “I have always admired you for that. As silly as that may be haha…” The princess took a deep breath as she began to recount her tale back on her homeworld; the sad and horrible truth of her great grandmother and her friends, Mira and Phobos. She had also recounted the tale of the true nature of her bloodline and the secrets the First Queen, her grandmother, that had yet to be uncovered. As she finished recounting her tales, Luna felt a weight lift off her shoulders and a sense of relief had overtaken her. “I feel a bit better now after letting it all out. I greatly appreciate this, Karina. I do apologize for taking up your time.” The silver haired girl bowed her head as she apologized.

    "Yeah well, it took to the point of being afraid of death to push me to the point of deciding not to care. It was really the only way forward for me and it wasn't easy." Karina tried to explain before she listened to Luna talk about everything she had been through. Karina managed to lay back and relax a bit, let her words seep in, and for once not be on the edge of her bed ready to run for the first excuse she had to leave. When Luna was done talking Karina just shook her head at the apology. "It was good company. Being stuck in here is a drag, so I don't mind you coming to talk for a while. And I am glad that it made you feel better." Karina relaxed for a moment and waited for the quiet to settle and it not feel too weird to ask before speaking again. "Hey Luna, can I ask you something? How is someone supposed to... well, act in a relationship?"

    Luna smiled slightly as Karina expressed her appreciation for Luna’s visit. A peaceful silence settled in as the two girls had started to relax. Karina had then spoke up, asking Luna about relationships. The silver haired girl rested her chin on her hand as she pondered the question asked of her. She remained silent for a brief moment to formulate her answer. However, she had felt like the question had so many answers to choose from but after giving it some thought she looked back at Karina. “Well….” She started and had paused. “Every relationship is different. There is not one definitive correct way to act nor is there one definitive incorrect way. It all depends on the individuals in said relationship.” She paused as she looked to the ring Koa had given her during their first reunion after a couple years. “Personally, I believe being honest and open with one another goes a long way. Do not be afraid to express how you feel. Be it words or actions or something else entirely.” She paused, recounting the days she had spent with her fiancé. “Sometimes you have to let your walls down and let yourself be vulnerable with your significant other. For if you keep your walls up constantly, when will you ever put them down? When can you allow yourself to truly be yourself?” Luna looked back at Karina. She scratched at her head before apologizing. “I do apologize if that confused you or push you away from your answer further. I hope what I said is of any help.”

    "I can't say I completely understand. But I will figure it out, maybe with some more sleep." Karina assured. "And it looks like you can use some rest as well Luna. Try and get some sleep." She called out after Luna before letting her leave the room and leaving Karina in unbearable silence until she finally fell asleep.


    Through the two weeks Karina got out of the infirmary and worked hard learning to use her scythe. For the most part she trained on her own, but on occasion she brought Beuce in to help with her training. It was good company and she did her best to put to work what Luna had suggested on that first night back. Karina didn't know what she expected in a relationship. But she knew she should have known better than it to look like Luna and Koa's, even though she didn't see them together too often. She heard how both of them talked about each other and even she knew it was something special. Karina often found her relationship with Beuce awkward, but that was because she was awkward. Either way she thought it was all going well.

    On this particular day Karina wasn't training but just wandering around Central Haven. She was stir crazy. It had been long enough she was back to wanting to go find Aux. She hadn't really seen Beuce that morning, or Luna for that matter. As she walked through the halls she ended up spotting Beuce walking with someone else. At first it caught Karina off guard. Not seeing Kaida in all yellow was a bit weird, but it looked good. "Good morning... afternoon... whatever time it is. I like the new outfit Kaida." She said, her eyes going towards the three charms that Kaida was wearing before glancing towards Beuce and the necklace she gave him, almost as reassurance for herself.​
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    Aw damn. Top 5 is pretty good but I was hoping to get an under dog ending. Oh well
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    Damn there goes who I was cheering for... What does that say about me considering I am still alive?
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    Yay, time see what sort of crap Mar pulls next
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    Maybe if you make Explode a cake it will help
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    Well that was messed up Mar. I thought you were better than that. Also, lol thinking surviving the round means anything. This game is too fucked up for it to actually matter
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    Skyheart and Rienzel worked on it I believe. Do you want a link to the document? It was more of a summery so I'd like to write it more like a story but that is a lot of work and bullshit to sort through
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