Nov 8, 2009
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April 10


Moogle Assistant, Female, from Tokyo

Does anyone still use this? Aug 14, 2021

    1. NamineKairiXion
    2. Axel The Flame Weilder
      Axel The Flame Weilder
      Yea it's a big change but just be yourself and you'll be fine ^^
    3. NerdyNinjaGirl
      Hello I don't think we've meet before. ^ ^
    4. Cloud.Strife.
    5. Aura
      I can tell. A friend I have is practically like you. She always has energy. @-@
      What time did you go to bed this time? xD
    6. Axel The Flame Weilder
      Axel The Flame Weilder
      Yea going into 6th form after the holidays.
    7. nasirrich
      *Sighs* You just don't get it do you?*Takes out 3 pies.* You ready? Good yes^.^*Beams 2 at your face. Then beams the other one to your chest.* HA HA!!!^ ^
    8. Korosu
      Indeed it does XD
      We will never grow up mwahaha
    9. Axel The Flame Weilder
      Axel The Flame Weilder
      Realy what are you excited about?
    10. nasirrich
      Yea I do I actual don't need that to be repeated again cause if it is.... Oh damn is all I can say to you.^_^
    11. XIII-roxas
      sure about that? when was the last time you ate a book?
      rawrzasaurz. (rawr+z=rawrz+saur+z=saurz=rawrzasaurz.)
      are you sure about THAT? when was the last time you ate a good idea?
      same here same here. (okay, not even I understand that...)
      lolza2minutenoodlesasaurusrawrzvampirellama (*sigh* here we go...lol+z=lolz+2 minute noodles-spaces=2minutenoodles+asaurus+rawr+z=rawrz+vampire+llama=lolza2minutenoodlesasaurusrawrzvampirellama...i like to call it "word play math" O_o)
      wooptyfreakingdoo. (that actualy has othing to do responding to that part of your response. ofcourse, thats just BASIC insanity.)
      yeah, i know. its just a watchya-ma-call-it.
      kayzasaurus (do i seriously have to do this one? oo! i have an idea! how bout you try out word play math. this is just a basic one.)
      from what i know, i've liked all of the ones you've given me so far.
      good, i found it on a halo 3 hack video on youtube. (that just made me feel like a nerd.)
      so true. normal is different, depending on your point of view. if i said I was normal, that wouldn't make any sense and would basicly ruin this whole thing i've got going here.
      everyone does eventualy XD.

      right, the list. *searches through playlist*

      -monsters, by matchbook romance (i think i already told you about that one?)
      -not afraid, by eminem
      -mockingbird, by eminem (i think i told you that one too)
      -how to save a life, by the fray
      -here we go again, by OK GO
      -gives you hell, by the all amarican rejects
      -numa numa techno remix, do i really need to give you a name for this one?
      -we made you, by eminem and someone else.
      -dirty little secret, by the all amarican rejects

      sorry theres not more, but thats all i could find out of the 92 songs that you didn't give me XD
    12. Korosu
      Yay neverland! 8D
    13. Soras heartless
      Soras heartless
      Well the girls don't like me for who I am, and when I do change some other girls don't like it. But this is good bye for good maybe, it was nice getting to know you, I might be back, I don't know yet. I haven't planned yet.
    14. Korra
      Where were you uploading it to?
    15. Aura
      Lol. Oh wow. You seem to have a lot of energy though.
    16. nasirrich
      Oh so you think you get away with that.^ ^ Hmmm well you made the biggest mistake ever ha ha punk.^_^ Yea that's right I called you a Punk.... PUNK^-^ So wats your next move?Lol
    17. Axel The Flame Weilder
      Axel The Flame Weilder
      Nothing much how about you?
    18. Korosu
      Very huge! >.<
      Augh why cant I stay little forever X3
    19. XIII-roxas
      unless your blind.
      so true its almost like a tower of trueness that has a room espeacially for cats.
      i'll just leave it in my homework book, im BOUND to find it there.or put it in some book, leave it for a while and some day i'll use itt again and find it. either way, im pretty sure someone will just go through my stuff and find it XD.
      i dont remember the video, the song came out a while ago, but i still like that song.
      i would say it now, but i got up at 11:20 am this morning and i dont want to now either XD.
      ofcourse i know. unless theres something someones not telling me O_o
      i dont know what that means, but good for you.
      i got all those songs in the playlist. im on 90 songs now. YAY!
      any more? (i feel like im holding a gun to a CD players head and im trying to get it give me songs. i dont think thats normal. then again, who i said I was normal? XD)
      just so you know, i have no problem with being partialy insane/messed up.
      also, anything i say that makes no sense is explained by 3 words-


      its true. i mean, its not THAT great.
    20. Korra
      I see, did you use a reference or just draw it?
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    "Which road do I take?" she asked.
    "Where do you want to go?" was his response.
    "I don't know," Alice answered.
    "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."