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    I am leaving KH-vids forever, not comming back, seeing as I have only been on three times in the past 3 or 4 months. I have a new Role-playing site that I have joined, if anyone wants to check it out, it is Halo, so no KH in it, sorry.
    This is not goodbye, I will remember this site, and all my friends here always.
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    Malum gestured with his right hand, as his keyblade appeared, pointing off towards a section of broken rock blocking their veiw of the beach, "let's go, everyone else is overthere, Black can handle her."
    A black rod blocked Mya's keyblade, as the Shadow Aerith came to help Black, still attatched by her strange darkness.


    The dark master twitched his fingers, and the heart separated from Herra's image was instantly surrounded by darkness, and in it's place stood a version of Herra clothed in black instead of white, with a heartless symbol, and glowing yellow eyes. The illison of Herra vanished, and two other heartless appeared next to the Dark version of Herra.
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    Albert looked from Whisper, to Vyce, and back to Whisper. "You have a point there, and I have an answer," Albert said, walking over to a computer panel, and typing in a couple passwords. A metal door opened on in the wall, leading too an elevator, "but first, I think everyone should get some rest, there are some bunks down below that we can sleep in."
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    OOC: Leon, Nalani, and Herra are on a different island right now, that's why they need the boat.
    Malum walked through the portal, followed by Black, and the Shadow-Aerith.

    They stood on the beach, facing Mya, the portal had opened no less than twenty feet infront of her. Malum's pale lips split into a wicked smile, "Black, you want another pretty heartless, don't you?" he said.

    Black had already started charging towards Mya before Malum had gotten done with the word: 'want'
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    The rock with the keyhole cracked open, and a four-person boat was revealed, "We're going to use this to get to the keyblader's island," Leon simply said.


    Malum snaped the fingers of his left hand, and a dark portal opened, "the first assault on destiny islands was intended to test their strength, now we go to vanquish them,"


    The dark master sat on his throne, the smaller chair that Grey had used now unoccupied. A glimmering hologram was floating in front of him. An image of a sleeping Herra, with a wall of darkness separating her from a floating heart.
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    Albert nodded, "yes, the UED have a facility that has the sole intention of researching possible pathogens that may harm cresetions. I belive, that between the five of us, and the weapons and vehicles I have on-site, that we could mount a successful attack on this facility."
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    OOC: wow, I keep forgeting about this, I am really sorry, can I have another recap?
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