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    Larxene closed her eyes winced in pain,"Dammit this is why you DON'T mess with someone whose in pain"She growled out."I won't do what I did last time we met"She added as she stood up.Two daggers formed in to a spear as electricity sparked around it,slowly and cautiously she walked up to Reiya."Oh come I know that only tickled"Larxy mocked with pure sarcasm.

    Reiya stood up cracking her shoulder back in to place without a flinch,"Yes you are right and I will do my job and bring you to my Master"She said as she walked closer to the blond who was currently being cautious.

    Marluxia raised his right hand allowing a portal to be created,right before he left to go in he brought out his scythe.Narrowing his eyes "This Might get messy"He said softly at the younger before going through.
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    Larxene turned her head slightly seeing Reiya the demon that Marly killed up and running,"but h-he killed you how the hell can you be ali- oh screw it"She said before closing her eyes,she won't be moving for awhile anyway.Taking as deep breath as she could, electricity starting gong through her as she somewhat curled in to a ball.With a scream she released that power also causing reiya to scream as well,Falling to the ground larxy landed on her hands and knees.Blinking she shook her head a bit,"why the hell can't I just be healed without problems jeez"She complained looking up at reiya who currently laying on the ground with bits and pieces of lighting going around her.

    Marluxia turned around quickly sensing some trouble,tilting his head to the side he frowned not liking this feeling.Someones fighting but wh- oh jeez they're after Larxy He thought to himself as he realized that.Turning around looking towards Phenox,"Kid you can either stay here for a bit or come with me either way I gotta go back its an emergency"He said simply.
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    Blues eyes followed the injured blond as she moved or rather paced around with something on her mind,the darkened creature brought up a hand around the blond pacing a hand of air wrapped around her mouth not allowing her to speak.She dragged the struggled blond close to her.

    Larxene paced crossing her arms,"jeez why did I have to go outside its freaken freezing"She said to herself slightly pouting.Feeling a sudden chill down her spine she quickly turned around,as she did so she felt something over her mouth.Instinctively she brought up her own hand but she couldn't make any noise,her eyes widened then narrowed as was being pulled towards an alley way.
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    Larxene walked around the hotel letting out a a soft sigh,tilting her head to the side she slightly frowned.Putting on her cloak,a thought came to her,"Where is the new kid I think Phenox was his name and Marly? I haven't seen them in a while"She said to herself.

    Marluxia sneezed softly blinking his eyes,did someone mention me? and I wasn't there? how uncalled for He thought to himself with a soft pout.
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    Marluxia looked away as the two of them kissed,he began to walk around to somewhat get used to the area.His hood up and a small grown on his face, To good to be true something has to be up but I just can't figure it out He thought to himself as he crossed his arms.
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    Tilting her head to the side she couldn't help but let out a small giggle hearing that,looking between the other blond and the red head she let out a sigh.With a small wince she softly sat up and slightly away from the nocturne and walked to the door,"its pretty obvious that there is some tension between you boys for what reason I don't know but i'll give you boys about 5-10 minutes to get it out of your system"She said with a smile opening a portal,"oh and if I come back and there is more blood then my own i'll hurt both of you"She added before walking through and it closing behind her.
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    Noticing the Demyx either didn't realized that the red head was there or they had a fight,"Demmy um I do hope you know Axe is here"She said softly blinking as she pointed at said red head with a tilted head.None the less she laid down wincing feeling slight pressure,"next time i'll use a test dummy"She said softly.
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    Marluxia leaned against a tree looking over the two with crossed arms,looking around he some what had a strange feeling being here.He pulled up his hood just in case not caring that its a sunny day out.I can't tell if its danger or paranoia,I rather not let my guard down today He thought to himself as he held a smile.

    Larxene looked back at the other blond seeing that she had created more worry then she expected,looking away then back to him she nodded,"okay it'll take me awhile but I think I can manage how to do things with help"She said with a smile.
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    Giving a small nod and smirk she let out a sigh,"No your wrong I will be the end of myself but its not like i'll stop being myself any time soon"She said looking at the blond then passed him at axel and raised an eye brow,"Ax? what are you doing here?"She asked.
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