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    wow that's old!
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    who's gonna impregnate her first, the chad futoshi or the virgin douche (on the left)
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    Turn A Gundam is boring
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    i would like staff to focus on replying to this before anything else.
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    i always have a fan on but thats because i like to stay cool when i sleep. never really noticed how sleeping without some noise is
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    My other thread didn't take off like I hoped, so here we go new slate.

    On khv we have some staff members doing nothing to help the site, or in some cases actually hurting it.
    Only the weak links are in this thread.

    Deleting posts is not sufficient for modding this site anymore. We, your userbase, need you to do more.
    I will not repeat this for everyone in here, though it certainly applies to everyone in here.

    @Fearless literally what have you done for khv? The last thing I recall that you did was yell at other staff members who were trying to help you solve a problem.

    @Karuta Other than helping to buy the site, what have you done for khv? Thanks for that, but I haven't seen you do anything at all. It's a little rude to buy a site and then dump it on the other admins and staff to maintain, and then not come back to fix the problem when some of them don't do their jobs. I thought this wasn't going to be a problem anymore.

    @Stardust Same as the two above you, but worse. I can't even recall the last time I saw you post, and your activity is so old it's not even on your profile. I don't know what happened in the past to cement your spot on the staff team for so long, but it's irresponsible and shameful to stay on the team while completely disappearing from the community. If you even remember it. Step down, please.

    @Krowley and @Explode , I don't really know what you guys do either. Explode's new tag is Media Manager so I assume he's up to something, but Krowley seems in and out but overall I gotta say I'm not impressed.

    I'm not going to tag libre because he's not around, and I understand why. i wish he would come around and chill, but i get that he does behind the scenes stuff so I'm not going to call him out.

    But all you guys? I'm definitely calling you out.

    There are other problems with other staff I plan to tackle, but I want to get this worst problem out of the way first.
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    you know they're books, right? and high school girls on youtube arent exactly target demographic for James Bond so not too surprising really
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