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    sexy chins

    sorry had to post something (´;ω;`) because I am back and I am willing to give this site a chance....blame schoooollll ; A ; orz orz........also i shall be somewhat busy with a chorus group of mine > v < b drawing some presents for the members and I shall be sure to post the result once i have completed them <3.....that is if you would like me too ; 7 ; <3

    thank you for viewing |D have a nice day! ~
    credit to the mangaka who drew that I have no idea what manga that is ;; Y ;; I have forgotten
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    wow thank you so much for these ! > U < b ya the second one caught my eye as well * 7 * <3 thanks again !

    welcome to the family! i am new as well > u <
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    HNNNNNNG 屮(ಠ益ಠ)屮 PLEASE REVIVE POST !!! </33
    //casts curaja

    if anyone can teach me how to color....orz....especially hair.............because.....i kinda suck at it....orz..........

    no more drawings from me (´・ω・`)
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    uguuuuu ~ new member here ( ・∀・ ) /
    revive post reviveeeee ~

    perhaps if we talk about our drawing techniques? (´・ω・`) ? or post some more art?

    i shall start?

    here's sample of my sketches?

    yes it's from an rp group LOLZ
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    aerial combos ┐('~`;)┌...and ha....a lot of magic, but cure is....somewhat my friend....i usually dont think about buying potions or ethers until it's too late.....orz
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    this.....and there's like a face next to a doll...and after that it gets worse orz

    and also redeads Q m Q .....

    and FACE from yume nikki
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    i'm going to pick super lame games okay you guys Q A Q

    10. mario.....ds? i have no idea what it was called....the one where you jump into paintings (ಠ Д ಠ);; i get bored of it though......

    9. L-LOOOOL

    8. Super Mario RPG.....actually i miss this <33 im a gaming god! |D

    7. project diva 2 <333...though it needs more shota.... l-len <33 the outfits and choices are fantastic!! <3

    6. LoZ....Majora's Mask AND Ocarina of's just too amazing....but im too lazy to finish them....and i no longer have my lamecubeeeee orz

    5. Final Fantasy <3333 though i've only played XII and XIII

    4. TWEWY the story and the bg music are fantastic!!!! the idea of it is also original and buttons?? yey! Q U Q

    3. Kingdom Hearts i've only played I , II, CoM, and Days....please dont hurt me im poor and i cant afford the new ones orz orz

    2. Professor Layton series!!!!! <3333 puzzles....are so addictive !!! Q A Q

    1. ゆめにっき 「Yume Nikki」 <3 forever and will always be Q u Q i kinda still have to pass it orz.

    going to play persona4 soon ( ・∀・ ) but for walkthroughs.......
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    yeaop ! > u < yes yellow is a very lovely color! <3333 im sure you'll be able to so it!!! give it a try!! > U < b and thank you! Q U Q

    woah that much to me!!! i am so glad i am able to inspire you!!! Q ワ Q <33333
    wao thank you so much Q Y Q <33
    yes i did just that actually!! > U < b i drew the three frames on SAI and afterwards i placed them onto photoshop, each of the layers i converted into frames! > U < b the basics! ~ <3

    ty!!! Q U Q im glad u like!! ~

    Q A Q THANK YOUUUUU ~ !! and ah yesss you may have all the bananas you may wish to eat :'DDD <333 baw well im sure if you keep trying your hardest! > U < i believe in you!! Q U Q b

    thanks again <333 and yess len-kunnn Q U Q ~

    daxaaaaaaa, tysm!! Q U Q i tried my best and im so glad you like itttt > U < <333333333
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    i agree OTL
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    Meiko ( ・∀・ )
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