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    The games okay. It's pretty fun playing online with someone who knows what they're doing and can actually handle themselves well rather than dying on you constantly.
    Anywho, I have it for the ps3 and have done just about everything except for max out all my weapons; I'm halfway through my Professional run right now (Ndesu is too easy haha).
    True that the one hit kill rule is annoying at first, it keeps you on your toes and sooner rather than later you learn how to get through each level without getting hit at all.

    All and all as long as you play online you're in for endless fun, at least that's how it is for me.
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    Here's my composite drawing that I've been working on for my Figure Study class this semster.
    The overall goal being to just take a couple pictures and put them together in one mass picture hints a composite (in case some knew not what the term meant). As you can see I arranged several versions of Jack Skellington, several characters from the upcoming title "9", Sweeney Todd, a sketch of a nude female on the right side of the page and for the center piece a center fold of a model who's name happens to escape me at the moment ( one of my fellow classmates let me use that picture when I figured it would work better than the one I originally chose).
    This piece is drawn on 18x24 Stonehenge paper.
    My materials used thus far are just regular Stadler H and B pencils, mostly 2H for the outlines, 2B for basic shades and 8B for the really dark areas. Everything else you see was worked using Graphite Dust, which as you can see can be messy but really helps in detailing when you like to shade like me (cuts down my overall time by around 50%). What I mean to say is I went over the basic details with a 2B just mapping the differential tones in just to know where they are and went back over everything with the graphite dust. I also touched up a couple highlights with white charcoal around the darkest places.
    As my instructor has taught me as well, not giving your drawings a solid hard line all the way around gives your figure(s) much more form which I can see now.
    I've spent about 4-5 hours on this piece so far and I'm no where near completion yet, but I have about 2 weeks left on this so wish me luck.
    The thing I can think of at the moment is to darken up the background once I flush out the details in the center pieces.

    This picture was taken with my Canon Powershot, because obviously this picture was much larger than my scanner.
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    Maybe, but who knows honestly :/
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    Understandable, but big pencil projects is pretty much all I do.
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