[Roxas] Through the Pain

[Roxas] Through the Pain
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  1. Leblonk
    Hey, you're not alone. I've had problems with my faith being dry. I know all about God's love, and what he did for me, and I know the response that it's supposed to bring, but it's all in my head. The knowledge hasn't bowled me over in my heart they way I know it should have. That's beginning to change now, but one thing I've had to realize is that I am NOT strong enough. I can't MAKE myself better, and in trying to do so what I've actually done is shut God out and prevent Him from working in my heart. It is so hard to understand that MY strength is useless, and I have to rely on God's strength. I'm rambling, but I just wanted to let you know that if you're weak, it's ok. That's how we are. God is the only one strong enough to fix us. There's an Ashes Remain song called On My Own. It really encouraged me. I hope it helps you!
    Dec 26, 2012
  2. starlight2011studios
    i know the feeling, ive been stuck in a ditch for the past 8 days, i got diagnosed with unipolar and it only really made a apperance last monday, ive been so suicidal from it and even cut my face to release the pain inside. its not nice, this video really made me feel better about myself knowing im not alone, thanks so much for making it <3 -Katie
    Dec 25, 2012