Radioactive - Kingdom Hearts

Radioactive - Kingdom Hearts
  1. Lucideffective
    Nice vid! Great timing on the cuts and very well put together.

    The video bars are a nice effect, although having them over the entire video it becomes distracting rather than contributing to the video - if the footage was bookmarked with clips showing someone watching on a screen (Twilight Town's computer, maybe?) then it would feel like the effect has a purpose.

    There is a bit of overhang with the Deep Dive footage that is overlaid, which could be fixed by either getting footage that is sized the same or in post-production adding black bars over the top of the video to give it a uniform size - I've linked you to a free pack that is amazing for this at the bottom.

    Watch out for the cuts in the overlaid audio - 0:20 is where it is very noticable (not good!) instead of doing a straight cut in the audio, do a volume fade which will be less noticable.

    Awesome job on the video, can't wait to see your next one.

    Oh, and link!
    Jun 10, 2013