Kingdom Hearts - White Rabbit

Kingdom Hearts - White Rabbit
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  1. Lucideffective
    Good stuff, some really clear moments of a story with Xemnas as the White Rabbit and Aqua as Alice.

    The transitions are for the most part quite good, though the pixelated burst is a bit hackneyed and just looks cheap - the idea behind it is fine (a burst), but look in to some tutorials to do some really professional-level transition effects that can be done in pretty much any software, even WMM.

    I really liked the editing in the breakdown (2:05 to 2:16), though I think the white fade-in wasn't entirely necessary for the cuts to work, I might be wrong but it'd be interesting to see that section with the same cuts without the fade-ins.

    Great ending as well, great cuts!
    Jun 11, 2013