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Leaked from an upcoming issue of Famitsu is the Kingdom Hearts series' first journey onto smartphones, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, a port of the previously browser-exclusive Kingdom Hearts X[chi]. This announcement arrives amidst hints from Tetsuya Nomura that a smartphone title was in the works.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key is slated for a 2015 release in Japan, and will be free-to-play with micro-transactions and an updated gameplay system to suit the mobile way of gaming. It will also feature new plot elements for the iOS and Android versions.

The following was translated by Goldpanner following a tweet on the confirmed product.
We'll no doubt have more information when the full Famitsu article is released and translated, and when Square-Enix properly reveals the title. The game may only be confirmed for Japan at the moment, but given the teaser from Square-Enix Germany's Facebook page and Kingdom Hearts X[chi]'s relevance to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, Unchained Keys will likely make its way to the palms of worldwide audiences.
A few hours ago, the official Facebook page of Square-Enix Germany posted the following KH-related image:

For anyone following the currently Japanese exclusive free-to-play game Kingdom Hearts X[chi], the above image will look familiar, as it's taken straight from the game. What's more curious is the caption they added, which roughly translates to "What is going on with the post? Just so, this had to be said." Is this a sign that X[chi] may finally be released internationally?

Source: Square-Enix Germany Facebook Page
While discussing the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy reboot with Famitsu, the Kingdom hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, was asked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts event at D23, and he had the following to say:

Whether or not this has anything to do with a cancelled smartphone game Disney was developing is unknown. Perhaps a possible localization of X[chi]?

Source: Gematsu
Since the CBT for the browser game began today, I thought I would take a few screenshots and give a brief run-through of the Beta test experience.

Starting from the tutorial, players are given limited customization options, but this is expected for the closed beta. As per usual in Kingdom Hearts games, small hint tutorials are given to help move the player along. If you don't speak Japanese, it still won't help. :/

khx_1.png khx_2.png khx_3.png khx_4.png khx_5.png
The Beta test offers 3 worlds to visit! Dwarf Woodlands, Wonderland, and Agrabah. While there is nothing particularly different with each world, the layout and music still give it their own individual feel. While there are no well known bosses, each world has it's top dog heartless. Large Body in Dwarf Woodlands, Tornado Step in Wonderland, and Armored Soldier in Agrabah. (I myself, spent most of my time in Dwarf Woodlands)​
khx_6.png khx_7.png khx_8.png khx_9.png khx_11.png khx_29.png khx_31.png
The gameplay is pretty simple. Once you deck is constructed, it's "Click and attack" from there. With each level up, Missions are granted that give rewards once completed. To gather materials, open chests and fight heartless, AP is used. Once all 50 points are depleted, it can only be fully replenished by leveling, using potions, or waiting for it to refill over time (Usually 5 minutes to restore 1 AP this way...)​
khx_10.png khx_11.png khx_13.png khx_14.png khx_16.png khx_17.png khx_18.png khx_24.png khx_27.png KHx_40.PNG
Players' decks are made from Attack and Assist Cards. Attack cards act as your means of both attack and defense, while Assist cards increase your HP. Constructing your deck is based around 3 types of attack cards with the following icons; Sword, Wing, and Orb. Each acting as a physical attack, Air based attack, and Magical attack respectively. These cards have a cost and while we would all like to equip the strongest cards, the overall cost of each card limits you.​
In the deck construction menu, players are able to equip, meld cards to increase the strength of other cards, or sell them. When certain materials are gained, you can even upgrade your keyblade to increase your attack strength!​
KHx_35.PNG KHx_36.PNG KHx_37.PNG KHx_38.PNG
Here are just a few of the cards the CBT has to offer through Treasure Chests and battle rewards;​
khx_12.png khx_15.png khx_19.png khx_23.png khx_25.png khx_26.png khx_28.png khx_30.png
Some of the rewards you get from missions include Moogle points and coupons. Both can be used to exchange for more rare or stronger cards. Some are fairly common, but they can always be used as melding materials.​
KHx_33.PNG KHx_34.PNG
Another cool aspect, is the "Encounters" that occur every 15 minutes or so. These are like the raid boss battles of the game. If you die during your first encounter, use BP to continue fighting on! (Can be replenished through Ethers or over time) So far only Darkside can be fought, and his power varies per encounter. He is very powerful and can be notched down by other members on your team. (I was randomly placed in one since I started) Teams compete with one another to see who has the most "Lux." The victors gain prizes such as Moogle Coupons.​
khx_20.png khx_21.png khx_22.png KHx_41.PNG KHx_42.PNG KHx_43.PNG KHx_44.PNG KHx_45.PNG
The Keyblade that players used is Called Starlight.​
My Character
Just a Short update, if anyone can correct or offer their own experiences, please don't hesitate!​

The official site for the upcoming site has indeed been launched. And only a day before Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix's release to boot! So anyways, 4Gamer has released an article on the subject with a few viewable screenshots as well as some info concerning the game's Closed Beta Test. (Or "CBT") A translation of the article will hopefully be available soon.

CBT Registration is from March 13th 2013 - March 18th 2013
CBT Phase is from March 22nd 2013 - March 25th 2013

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