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The official site for the upcoming site has indeed been launched. And only a day before Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix's release to boot! So anyways, 4Gamer has released an article on the subject with a few viewable screenshots as well as some info concerning the game's Closed Beta Test. (Or "CBT") A translation of the article will hopefully be available soon.

CBT Registration is from March 13th 2013 - March 18th 2013
CBT Phase is from March 22nd 2013 - March 25th 2013

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Found on the Japanese Square Enix Blog as well as on the 1.5 HD Remix Site, the tentative "Kingdom Hearts for PC Browsers" title has now been renamed as KINGDOM HEARTS χ [chi]
Kingdom Hearts x [chi] (Or Kingdom Hearts Key as it is pronounced) has been given a new logo as seen above. Famitsu.com has also updated with an article depicting the information and giving High Quality renders of the Logo and 2 Pre-bonus cards of Sora and Riku that can be seen below. These Pre-order cards contain exclusive codes for the PC game and can only be gained by Pre-rdering the HD 1.5 ReMix from the E-Store.

Credit to Roxam for the news update.​
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