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4Gamer has released a couple of high quality images from Unchained X[chi], showing how different the browser game will look on mobile devices, which includes a new way to use the cards (now called medals for Unchained), and Re:coded/TWEWY-style scenes.


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In addition to an interview with Famitsu, the Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, has provided a message for fans regarding the reveal of Unchained X[chi], discussing the meaning behind the name 'Unchained', and that the browser version of the game will still continue. Translation of Nomura's message can be read below:

Credit to Zephyr of KHInsider for the translation.
News on Unchained X[chi] just keeps on rolling. A Japanese teaser site has launched for the game, which, while doesn't contain much at the moment, does include a slightly altered version of the logo. You can check out the website here.

Just a day after the reveal of the smartphone game, Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X[chi], scans from Famitsu detailing the upcoming game have turned up, and can be viewed below:

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Post will be updated with translations as soon as possible.


First page translation (credit to SkyKeybladeHero):

Nomura interview translated (special thanks to Kazr10 for translating)!
In addition to the interview, the following information was also included:
Source: KHInsider

Leaked from an upcoming issue of Famitsu is the Kingdom Hearts series' first journey onto smartphones, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key, a port of the previously browser-exclusive Kingdom Hearts X[chi]. This announcement arrives amidst hints from Tetsuya Nomura that a smartphone title was in the works.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained Key is slated for a 2015 release in Japan, and will be free-to-play with micro-transactions and an updated gameplay system to suit the mobile way of gaming. It will also feature new plot elements for the iOS and Android versions.

The following was translated by Goldpanner following a tweet on the confirmed product.
We'll no doubt have more information when the full Famitsu article is released and translated, and when Square-Enix properly reveals the title. The game may only be confirmed for Japan at the moment, but given the teaser from Square-Enix Germany's Facebook page and Kingdom Hearts X[chi]'s relevance to the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, Unchained Keys will likely make its way to the palms of worldwide audiences.