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After a long wait, Unchained χ is finally hitting North American shores!

The blog post includes more information regarding χ and how it fits into the Kingdom Hearts timeline but it also includes a message from Nomura:

While there is still no word on the release of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ[chi] outside of Japan, fans who are paying attention to the mobile game will surely be glad to know that a plush of the game's adorable main character, Chirithy, will be released in Japan this summer on June 11th, and will be priced at 5,670 yen.

A rather cute new KHUX commercial has surfaced in Japan! It features a girl wielding a Keyblade through storybook-esque landscapes of Wonderland, Argrabah, and Dwarf Woodlands, and wraps up with some gameplay footage, which you can see below:

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X is slated for release in North America, but with no release date currently announced.
While a summary of Nomura's recent interview with Dengeki Playstation has been leaked, a fully translated version is available thanks to KHInsider's goldpanner. First off, Nomura writes a congratulatory message to Dengeki Playstation for reaching its 600th issue milestone, saying:
As for the actual interview, there isn't much difference to what was already revealed in the summary, but it is still an interesting read, and can be read below:
To celebrate its 600th issue, Dengeki Playstation conducted an interview with Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura, who drew the artwork below for the issue's cover:


As for the interview itself, a couple of details have been leaked (a fully translated interview will be posted as soon as it's available), which can be read below:
  • There is a congratulatory message regarding the overlap of issue #600 and the announcement of KH2.8.
  • The king (presumably King Mickey) and the others were drawn beforehand for the sake of expediting the schedule, but now they're being recolored to create a sense of unity.
  • They've depicted this on the front cover several times.
  • The “Lost Master” is discussed in X[chi], but it will be used in KH3
  • The creation of Xehanort's keyblade will be discussed in X[chi] and will tie into KH3
  • Kingdom Hearts itself will also be discussed further, more than the series has so far
  • D23 (November 3rd) will feature a “theater” concept, so Nomura is hoping we're looking forward to the video!
2.8 Final Chapter Prologue
  • The part of KH3D that explains the 7 lights and 13 darknesses will be carried on through the end of KH3
  • Since “Keyblade Master” is a special title, what's necessary to become one will be taught
  • BBS 0.2 and KH1-2's stories will be linked together
  • Chirithy is the one speaking in X[chi]: Back Cover
Unchained X[chi]
  • Chirithy is the player's guide
  • The “Master of Masters” is the teacher of the six apprentices, and it will be revealed in X[chi]: Back Cover who the traitor is
Special thanks to @libregkd for the find.

Source: NeoGAF & KH13.com