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A pretty cool looking banner promoting 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue' had been spotted in E3, with several attendees taking pictures of it with their mobile devices. Now, thanks to Famitsu, we have a HQ version of the banner, showcasing characters from the three entries included in 2.8 (the Foretellers, Sora and Riku from DDD, as well as Aqua plus King Mickey in what is most defiintely how he'll appear in 0.2 BBS):

mj.jpg tumblr_o8gkoiQVQG1t234ouo1_1280.png

The release of the new 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' trailer today provided fans with many surprises. One of those surprises was finally getting a feel for what to expect from 'χ[chi] Back Cover', showing us characters from χ[chi] in cutscene form with spoken dialogue. One of the characters shown in the trailer was Ephemera, whose voice sounded familiar for some. A fan then asked actor Michael Johnston of Teen Wolf fame on Twitter whether he voiced the character, and he pretty much confirmed it. The tweet has unfortunately been deleted (most likely due to a NDA Johnston signed), though Johnston still retweeted a fan asking him about voicing Ephemera, which pretty much guarantees that he is the voice of Ephemera in 'Back Cover'.

Source: KHInsider & Michael Johnston's Twitter
The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account announced this morning that Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ will be coming soon to iOS and Android users in Europe!

Unchained χ is a port of the Japan-exclusive browser game χ [chi], following the story of Keyblade wielders fighting against the darkness in a time before the Keyblade War. The browser game launched in July 2013 and will close its services this September. Unchained χ launched in Japan last September and in North America in April.

Remember, anyone playing Uncahined χ can still sign up to join our official KHV parties here!
While promoting Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ at PAX 2016, Hironori Okayama, the game's producer, chatted with Gamer Escape on a couple of things relating to Unchained χ, including plans to release around 50 new quests a month, determining which characters get to be on a medal, and the release of Zootopia-themed medals in NA on May 2nd! The full interview can be read below:
Almost two weeks after the release of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ in North America, a plush of the player's companion in the game, Chirithy, is now up for pre-order in Square-Enix's online NA store. The plush is the exact same one confirmed for release in Japan not too long ago. The Chirithy plush is expected to be released by the end of August, and is priced at $55.

Source: Square-Enix NA Online Store