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Top 5 Top 5: 17th - 24th March
Hey guys! Yup, the Top 5's back. Not many entries this week (although they were all wonderful!) -- so if you'd like to submit your AMV(s) next week, be sure and go for it (and tag them as 'top 5' if you do)! We can't keep the contest going without entries!

This Week's Judge(s): Stardust

1. {Kingdom Hearts} Will you be ready?

{Kingdom Hearts} Will you be ready?

Submitted by: Mage
Song: 2-1 by Imogen Heap
Details: I just adore this video, the atmosphere is impeccable. The effects are subtle and the text simple -- which I think is a great strength here as they're used wonderfully to help make the video pop. It's simplistic, but extremely effective. Awesome, awesome job on this! My only critique is that I wish there was more variety with the text placement; I would have liked to have seen it outside of the top-right corner a bit more.

[KH] - Losing Your Memory
Submitted by: FurySp4rk
Song: Losing Your Memory by Ryan Star
Details: Absolutely wonderful. The effects and text are non-intrusive and complement the footage well, and the voice layovers are really well placed. The result is something genuinely emotional, and the end especially packs a punch! Fantastic work! My only advice is to be careful of typos, haha, but it happens.

4. KH - Me & You
Submitted by: Mage
Song: Me & You by Nero
Details: Short but sweet! Lots of cool effects in this one, I really enjoyed it. Really fun and eye popping. Using static images is always a bit risky and some of the transitions & text felt a little out of place to me, so I suppose if I had any critique for this it would be to use them sparingly, and to make sure nothing sits still on the screen for too long. Nice work!

4. Fall For You:: PrincessKairixXx
Submitted by: starlight2011studios
Song: Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade
Details: Very emotional! The bold text was an interesting choice but it worked well to emphasize the lyrics, and helped create the atmosphere. Nice work with the voice overs as well; when they're too loud they can be distracting but they fit right in.

5. Aerith & Terra - I'm H O L D I N G Out for a H E R O
Submitted by: Ankoku
Song: Holding Out for a Hero by Ellie Mae Bowen
Details: Really sweet, gentle video, great job! Solid editing overall. In terms of critique, I felt the overlay was nice but perhaps a bit heavy. Beautiful work!

Congratulations to all who placed this week!
Haven't placed yet? Don't give up! Your video certainly was not bad, and you may place in a future week.
Hey everyone! As you know, we've been planning to get the Top 5 video contest rolling again since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, some circumstances beyond my control as well as other site events have prevented this from happening until now -- I do apologize for the delay. However, I'm happy to announce that it's ready to go again, and the first set of videos will be judged this week!
What does this mean? Simple! We need you to submit your AMVs to our Video Portal for judging. Make sure to TAG YOUR VIDEO PROPERLY if you want it to qualify.
How often can we expect to see results? We will judge videos once a week provided we get enough eligible submissions. If we don't, we can't keep the contest going, so be careful to follow the rules and TAG YOUR ENTRIES WITH THE "TOP 5" TAG. The first batch of results will go up on Sunday, March 24th!
What are the criteria for submissions? What happens if I win? I'm glad you asked! You can check out the rules and any additional information right here.
What happens if I don't tag my submission? I will cover you in chili sauce, set you on fire and feed you to a pack of hungry mutant raccoons. ...Well okay, I won't do that BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO TAG YOUR ENTRIES PLEASE! The tag is 'top 5,' no punctuation or capitalization required! This is VERY IMPORTANT if you want your video to qualify!​
If you've any questions or concerns, feel free to ask! Looking forward to seeing those videos!​