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Hey everyone and welcome to the second installment of the KHV Weekly News Report!

Hope you're all enjoying it! Please feel free to give some comments and feedback :)

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KHV Unchained χ Weekly Leaderboards
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in Weekly Shōnen Jump
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots and Renders
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki Online
Kingdom Hearts Orchestra shows

Thanks again to the lovely @Fearless for the header <3
Hey guys! So we're starting a new program called the KHV Weekly News Report to keep everyone up to date on Kingdom Hearts and community news.

I hope you all like this little project and please be sure to give some feedback on ways that we can improve.

Links to full news articles:
KHV Unchained χ Weekly Leaderboards
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in Next Issue of Famitsu
Full Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Famitsu article
Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Preorder for PSN

Sorry if the editing is a bit weird. It's literally my second time using Audacity lol
Thanks to @Fearless for the wonderful header <3

Thanks to the twitter (@kazu4281) we are able to see Aqua's new model along sides with Terra and Ven. As far as we know, this is a one page print in this weeks, weekly Shonen Jump. But it gives us a great insights to gameplay, worlds and our precious babies and their models!

(Translations soon to come)

What do you think of this gem find? Let us know!
Fearless thought of that... get it, Q and A, like Question and Answers. Hahahaha

It's time for the
KH-Vids Podcast! As you can see we've gotten new Staff Members as of late, and now you get to find out more about them!

Your (lovely) Podcast Host @Calxiyn is joined by @Heart ❤ , KHV Site Reporter, and @Fearless , KHV Site Moderator, to talk about them, their life, and in some cases their love life. This Podcast reveals tons of secrets about your two favorite Staff Members so you won't want to miss it!


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