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Community Kingdom Hearts III Leak Policy
Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Kingdom Hearts III is scheduled to release on January 25 in Japan, and January 29 in the rest of the world. The long-awaited day is nearly here!

Unfortunately, the nearness of the release day means that content leaks are going to happen—one already has just today. And so here at KH-Vids, effective immediately, we will be enforcing a blanket ban on all leaked Kingdom Hearts III content, both on the forum and on our Discord server. This includes links to as well as discussion of leaked content. Anyone sharing any leaked content from the game will be instantly banned from the forum and the Discord server until the game's release. Don't be that person who ruins the game for others.

Be careful browsing the internet, folks. To make your internet experience easier, LusterZero on Twitter has some tips on how to block YouTube thumbnails or channels.

We look forward to discussing future officially-released KHIII news with you here on KH-Vids!
KHV User Awards Decades 2.png

Summer is here again, which means it's time once again for our annual KH-Vids User Awards!

Join us in a friendly, non-serious (lol) competition to elect your favorite members and content for a variety of categories! Nominations are not yet open, but keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, you can suggest new categories for the awards right now until June 30! After that, we'll kick the awards into gear! This year we're celebrating not only the past year, but also the ten-year anniversary of the User Awards!

For more info on how the awards work, check out the Info & FAQ thread.
To suggest categories, head over to the Category Suggestion thread.

Got any questions? Message tamale, and I'll do what I can to help out!
Writer's Nook.png
Hey guys! As you can see, the Writer’s Nook has been given a makeover! We’ve worked hard to try and create an awesome new place for everyone to post their stories, make new friends, hire out help, and get writing advice for when you face the dreaded block. But there’s a lot of new stuff, so let’s take a quick peek at two of the new sections, hmm?


Here, you’ll be able to officially hire Betas, Editors, and Critiquing Partners to help you in the various stages of story writing! Authors looking for Betas will be able to post advertisements, so that Betas can (hopefully) apply for the chance to review earlier drafts of your book, while Editors and Critiquing Partners will be able to create a page all for themselves, so that authors looking for a little extra help can come find you!

Tips and Tricks

In the Tips and Tricks section, you’ll be able to find or post threads containing advice about anything writing related! How to write a plot twist, tips on overcoming writer’s block, the best methods for outlining stories… If you have some know-how, go ahead and share! And if you’re looking for help and can’t find a thread already, we even have a Q&A board for you to ask your questions and get answers directly!

In addition to these two new sections, we’ve reorganized the Writer’s Nook, so let’s look at what’s changed:
  • Original Works and Fanfiction have been merged into one Written Works subsection, with new Prefixes added to accommodate
  • Archives have been moved into the Written Works subsection
  • The main ‘Writer’s Nook’ page is now free to contain all news and updates about the WN, without being lost among the fanfics
  • The Workshops and Recreation subsection and the Poetry and Lyrics subsection are still here for your enjoyment, though be sure to check out the new rules in the Workshops area to understand what belongs there and what belongs in the new Networking section.
I know the place is gonna look a little bare in there for awhile, but with all these new changes, I hope we’ll be able to get it up and running in a little while, so that we all have a place to share our creativity and grow together as a real writing community!

Happy New Year!

jack pixelly.png

Hahahaha! It's that time once again, friends! Welcome back to Halloween Town! It's so wonderful to see you! It seemed like you lovely Keyblade-wielding folks enjoyed our dress-up fun last year, so I arranged for us to once again hold the Unchained C

finkelstein final 200.png

(whisper whisper)

jack pixelly.png

...Sorry? "Union...Cross"? What's... Oh, never mind; that sounds silly! Welcome back to the Unchained Costume Spooktacular, everyone!

As you might imagine if you've not participated before, this is a costume contest! We will have five categories for entry: Coolest Costume, Silliest Costume, Cutest Costume, Scariest Costume, and Strangest Costume! Dress up your avatar in Kingdom Hearts Union x to fit whichever category you want to enter, take a screenshot, and post your picture in the respective thread! Oh, but don't be lazy and just equip an existing costume set for your entry! We all know what those look like; put a little creativity and effort into your entries! Mix and match things up! You can only enter one costume in each category, but you can enter in as many categories as you'd like! You'll have from today until 11:59pm Pacific Time on October 28 to submit your costumes! And on Halloween night itself, October 31, the winners will be announced!

You site members as a whole will be able to select their own winners by casting votes with Post Ratings! You can use a Like to give an entry one point, or a Creative to give an entry two points! Your votes are limited, however; you can only cast one Creative and two Like votes in each category! Costume voting will end at 6:00pm Pacific Time on October 31. While this goes on, we've rounded up five judges who will judge your entries as staff selections! Say hello, everyone!

sally final.jpg

Hello! It's lovely to see you again!

zero temp.png

Arf arf!


Heheheh! Got any candy for me?

finkelstein final 200.png

Yes, yes, hello. Where did I leave that scalpel...?

halloween sora y2.png

Hi there!~ How's it going?​

jack pixelly.png

Some of our judges may also be submitting costumes, but will only be eligible for the Member Selection, to keep things nice and fair. The top Judge and Member Selections in each category will win this handsome-looking pin to add to their collections!


And let's be honest, who wouldn't want this lovely piece of memorabilia? Hmm?

Remember, entries are open from today until 11:59pm PT on October 28! Use the 29th, 30th, and the beginning of the 31st to cast your votes! Put together the most perfect costumes you can and submit your entries here! I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Site News Downtime & New Server
Hello everyone,

First, we'd like to apologise for the short notice regarding the downtime and the longer than expected transfer period. We ran into some complications during the move that made the process take a bit longer than we anticipated.

With that out of the way though, I am pleased to announce that the move to our new server was successful and that you should start noticing a number of improvements on the site from here on out.

Some of these will include:

- Receiving all notification emails from the site, without having to look through your spam folder.
- Being able to access the site from more connections, such as mobile data and work or school connections.
- Faster site navigation.
- Faster search functionality.

This server is also more affordable than our previous setup, so there will be more room to pay for other site improvements such as addons. Hopefully the effects of this will be visible in the near future.

Again, our apologies for any inconveniences caused by the site downtime, and we hope you all enjoy the new and improved KHV experience!

- The KH-Vids staff