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Hey everyone! Got a big update I'm sure some of you were waiting on. We've updated our Kingdom Hearts III Cutscene Archive with all the scenes from the Re Mind DLC, with no subtitles and Kingdom Key only! And as with the rest of the game, these scenes were meticulously edited to remove any stuttering that pops up all too often. Addtionally, certain sequences were recorded in such a way that the background music continues across multiple scenes without any awkward cuts. I really like the end result with how it makes some gameplay sequences feel a little extra cinematic.

We also updated the following videos to reflect changes that were made to some cutscenes from the base game in a patch:
Keyblade Graveyard
Scala ad Caelum
Ending + Credits

We suggest you re-download those to get the most up-to-date versions. If you're a collector who still wants to hold on the older versions for posterity, we got ya covered. At the end of the newly added "Extra + Alternate Scenes" video, we've got the pre-patch cutscenes intact (some scenes are cut down for time, but anything that was changed is still there).

We also recommend re-downloading "The Carribean". There was an editing de-sync error in the Raging Vulture scene that has since been corrected.

Or to keep it simple, just download the Part 2 and Part 3 .zip files at the top of the KH3 archive page, and you'll be all caught up.

Once again we're all caught up. Check out our Cutscene Archive Main Page for all that the scenes that this crazy series has to offer. I'll be patiently/eagerly waiting alongside you to see what the future holds. Until then, may your heart yada yada.

Hello again! In light of KH3’s Re Mind DLC, we have updated the Kingdom Hearts III Unofficial Soundtrack to include all the new music. Bear in mind that track names contain some SPOILERS (boss names and general themes).

Just like last time, some tracks are missing because they can’t be extracted from pre-rendered sequences. Also important: the track names are NOT official. We'll have to wait for an official release for both of those things.

If you already downloaded the old version, we recommend re-downloading the entire soundtrack, because there are a few minor changes (such as removing old tracks from a scene that's been updated, and re-numbering others to reflect that) but if you so choose, you can download JUST the new music by clicking here.

A big “Thank You!” to KHWaterBlock for hooking us up with the source files. Check him out on Twitter and YouTube.


Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since our last update, but I’m confident in saying this one is worth the wait. After months of work, I’m happy to announce the Kingdom Hearts III cutscenes - without subtitles and Kingdom Key only - are now online! I’ve put more work into these cutscenes than I probably should have, so let me explain what makes them special.

Unfortunately KH3’s cutscenes run somewhat poorly: they have random frame stutters on a pretty regular basis. To counteract this, I recorded nearly every scene multiple times and edited together the best shots, so everything should be smooth as butter.

On top of that, I went the extra mile and timed my gameplay recordings so that the music loops and continues properly through different scenes. So for example if there’s a cutaway scene in the middle of a boss battle, the music will pick up right where it left off in the scene before, rather than having an awkward cut. Timing it just right was pretty tricky (can’t tell you how long I splashed around in that damn pond with Rapunzel waiting for the music to loop, only for her to run away at the last second), but the result is quite nice.

Now that I’m done patting myself on the back, feel free to download the Kingdom Hearts III Cutscenes. And as always, check out our Cutscene Archive for HD scenes from the entire series.

We are leaving the previously-recorded subtitled KH3 cutscenes up for those who need them, but note that the subtitle-free version is the definitive version, and will be the only one receiving updates of future content.

That’s it for now, but when something new comes out I’ll Re:Mind ya!
Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Kingdom Hearts 3! For many of us this'll be our first full weekend with the game.

As I make my way through I've been recording cutscenes, and I'm happy to say I've got the first batch ready for download! As of this initial post there are only the first few worlds (6 videos total with intro and menu trailer), but I will be posting updates in this thread as I make progress. If you'd like to stay in the loop of what's available, click "Watch Thread" at the bottom of the page to receive notifications. I'll be saying how many videos were added, and the world names hidden in spoiler tags in case you aren't caught up and don't want to know. Bear in mind that the cutscene archive itself will have world names and thumbnails, so be careful if you are avoiding spoilers.

I now present our shiny new Kingdom Hearts III Cutscene Archive!

The scenes on this page are captured from my first playthrough, so they will have whatever Keyblade I was using at the time. However once I'm completely done, I plan on recording everything again using Theater Mode so it is Kingdom Key only, and that version will have subtitles turned off. There may be less scenes in the later version (any small clips that didn't make it into Theater Mode), but it will have smoother edits and be generally better for watching.

As always, you can find cutscenes from all of the Kingdom Hearts games on the main page of our Cutscene Archive.

Community Kingdom Hearts III Spoiler Policy
Hi there, everyone!

The time has come at last! Kingdom Hearts III is only thirteen hours away! ...Well, in Japan, anyway. But it is out there now, and with that, our previous policy is no longer in effect. Starting tomorrow, January 24, you can discuss Kingdom Hearts III here on the forum and on the Discord server!

But we do have some stipulations.

First, we've got a brand-spankin'-new Kingdom Hearts III forum section for you to use! This is where the bulk of the discussion about the game should stay. If you have an especially dank meme about the game's contents to share, or if something about the story contributes to your theory about where Kingdom Hearts Union χ is headed next, or if a particular boss is giving you trouble, you can post in the appropriate sections for any of those things. But whether in or out of the Kingdom Hearts III forum section, make sure you hide your spoilers for anything not covered in the prerelease materials, clearly label them as Kingdom Hearts III spoilers, and don't put any spoilers in your thread titles. The staff is going to be keeping a sharp eye out for spoilers not properly hidden; people have been waiting years for this game, and we don't want anyone's experience ruined through carelessness. If we determine that you're sharing spoilers to troll others and be a grifter, we won't shy away from disciplinary action.

As for the Discord server, we've introduced the #kh3_story_spoilers channel! This is the only place on the server where you can talk about Kingdom Hearts III spoilers, and talking about them anywhere else will get you kicked. Starting on January 30, a day after the global release, we'll start allowing light spoilers in our regular #spoilers channel—things like "I just got to Arendelle; I really like this little detail!" and NOT things like "Wow, can you believe what happened in the secret ending?!"—so that people can discuss their playthroughs together without fear of ruining the story. Anything about the game not covered in the prerelease materials posted there before then will be deleted.

All in all, just be considerate! If you're not sure if something warrants a spoiler, be cautious and give it one anyway.

Enjoy Kingdom Hearts III, everyone! May your hearts be your guiding key!

If you don't know, here's how to hide your spoilers!

There are two ways to do this. One is with a spoiler tag, and the other is with an inline spoiler. A spoiler tag will create a box containing your text that only appears when you click on a button; an inline spoiler will obscure text in the middle of your post without creating any boxes or buttons.

This is a spoiler tag!

And this is an !

[spoiler]This is how you create a spoiler tag![/spoiler]
And this is how you creat an [hidden]inline spoiler[/hidden]!
For each, you just surround the desired text with the appropriate tags. Pretty easy, right? If you want, you can get even fancier!

See how fancy that is?

Or you can even !

[spoiler=Give it a try!]How cool is that?[/spoiler]
What if it was [hidden=#4682b4]BLUE[/hidden]?!
Go discuss Kingdom Hearts III responsibly!