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Sara's on a temp leave
Due to personal problems, Sara's decided to take some time off, I don't know when she'll be back, but until then, you guys will just have to trust me and the remaining staff.

No one will be temporarily promoted for this, as we don't think it's needed.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys. :/
Server problems...
Well, it looks the site had a server problem. Before you ask, we don't fully know what happened. It seems like the server was a problem for the forum. How much, we don't know. If DS knows, he'll post it.

Thanks for your patience.


- Forum Administrator

EDIT by Deathspank:
My credit card payment for KH-Vids.Net's monthly hosting did not register, because that card has since expired. Because of that, they turned off the hosting account until I payed the bill. I've just payed it, so that's why were back online.
I am extremely impressed and pleased how this move went. All of you deserve a pat on the back.

I know me and the admins have been busy, and I thank most members for taking that into consideration by not bothering us unless they need to and pointing out mistakes.

I also like to thank you for following the rules and handling this like any other day. This was a big move, with a lot more new things, but you guys took it in stride.

That I thank you and congratulate everyone, and welcome to Vbulletin.


- Forum Administrator
Welcome everyone to Vbulletin!!!

All the mods/admins/forum helpers got here early, so that's the reason for the posts. I do apologize if it looks like too much, we were trying things out and got carried away. We've been fixing the six million glitches with this forum so it would work perfectly for you guys. (hopefully)

As for the forum helpers. They're a new group out of the lot. They are here to answer your questions and help with any problems you have. They don't have the same modding powers as mods do, but they have the same say. So if you do something wrong, they have the right to correct you.

Another addition is the custom titles. We again hopefully got that all fixed up to suit your needs.

We also have new banners for the mods admins and forum helpers. All credit goes to Cheal who's been working like a dog to get this done on time.

Enjoy the forum, read the rules and have fun.

- Sara

- Forum Administrator
*Sora* as admin...
Well... I need yes another admin... Ugh...

School and the move is getting in the way. So I asked *Sora* for adminship and he said yes if you guys agree to it. So it's up to you guys. Post your decision here.