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A possible "Early" preview of what seems to be clothing, has been shown featuring a black shirt which what seems to be Sora's face, and some blue jeans, there's not alot of information released about it so far, however it's believed to have to do with the upcoming Jump Festa, only speculation though

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Source: The Light in Chaos
Well, well! =] It looks like the KH Manga continues to sell strong (which only means good things for us in the future!) The CoM Manga Volume 1 is the newest to be released and is already the number one sold manga in America! That's really good! You can view the full ranking of comics by clicking here.

Also, a Japanese blog poster has showed off some pictures of a set of KH Bookmarks. They are very cute and feature the cast in their chibi forms! Click the thumbnails below to view.


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Apparenlty more rumors of Kingdom Hearts Anime has come up in a yahoo blog, japanese of course, stating that the Kingdom Hearts Anime will be released in 2008, however as it being a blog the chances of this being just a rumor is well over 70%.

In the news area however, the next magazine article does have some Kingdom Hearts II information in it, rather it's new or not is unknown, more then likely new. But, we shall wait and see.


Sources: KH-Information Kingdom Hearts Special Guide The Light in Chaos and
Square-Enix has updated their blog S.E shop website, with informaton of a Sora form being released on Novmeber 23rd. The only problem was the name of it, as they sorta cencsored out two of the letters, and didn't even show us a preview picture, making it even more interesting. I believe, it was a "Fa**L" form, possibly a new Final Form play arts, or something else, we can only wait in 2 days to see what will be unfolded.

Se=Shop Blog

Source: KH Information
Yes everyone, just as the title announces, a Japanese Blog Site "KH-Information" has updated their site to a link which leads to beautiful scans of tons, and tons of cards, from both the new series, and lots of cards from the older series. So for those unable to buy or import the cards, do not worry, as you'll now be able to know what most of them look like!

For the view of some of the cards, visit the front page of or if you want to view the full gallery click here!

Source: KH Information and Mkuro's toy site!