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Yes everyone, just as the title announces, a Japanese Blog Site "KH-Information" has updated their site to a link which leads to beautiful scans of tons, and tons of cards, from both the new series, and lots of cards from the older series. So for those unable to buy or import the cards, do not worry, as you'll now be able to know what most of them look like!

For the view of some of the cards, visit the front page of or if you want to view the full gallery click here!

Source: KH Information and Mkuro's toy site!
Amazon has also updated their website featuring the cover to the Kingdom Hearts Calender, indeed there will be original art featuring Kingdom Hearts, though it's not sure if there'll be KH2 and KHCOM Content, it goes for a more winter feel, as it is when the Calender will be released.

To fix the problem onec and for all here's an imageshack link Calender Cover
Square-Enix has updated their Calender website, featuring a Kingdom Hearts Calender which will be released on November the 17th, featuring all of 2007. It's unknown as to if the Calender will be featuring New Art, or if it will only be Kingdom Hearts I, or vary between all 3 canon series.

The price will be set at 1,143 Yen ($9.50) without the tax. With Tax it will cost 1,200 Yen, ($10). We will be bringing you more information as this uncovers.