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Hey guys, our news today come exclusively from Yoko Shimomura herself. According to her, an HD Remix Ost is still undecided but definitely a possibility.

It's all according to demand, she says. Here's the tweet in question.

But why release an HD Remix if all the songs are the same as the older games?

There you have it.

What do you guys think? Would you like an 1.5 HD Remix OST with the Live renditions? Would you rather wait until 2.5 comes out? Would you buy the OST if it does come out?

Thanks to Roxam and lycoris_moon29 for the information.
Known for their work on the Legend of Zelda timeline, Gametrailers has also confirmed to doing a Kingdom Hearts timeline. Teased back in February with a release date announced earlier this month, GameTrailers will chronicle the last 7 games of the series in to an easy to understand video. This will be their second video in the timeline series, and will hopefully shed some light onto those who are a bit behind on the world of Kingdom Hearts!

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Video Timeline
0:00-19:16 – Game summaries
19:16 – 21:06 – Timeline visualization
21:06 – 24:44 – Kingdom Hearts and the Worlds
24:44 – 26:16 – Keyblades and The Keyblade War
26:16 – 32:00 – Xehanort & Ansem
32:00 – 37:01 – The Original Keyblade Wielders
37:01 – 42:42 – The New Keyblade Wielders
42:42 – 46:25 – Darkness on the Horizon
46:25 – 50:30 – Kingdom Hearts III

With Square Enix promising a "terrific lineup" of games at this year's E3, Square will live broadcast its E3 showcase next month through a new program dubbed “Square Enix Presents.”

Square also promises that it will offer a “diverse and user-friendly” range of programming. Square Enix Japan marketing director Akio Oofuji tells us “Square Enix Presents is a new way we can engage on a more meaningful and personal level with our community and fans and share with them the spectacle and excitement of E3."

Square Enix Presents will have a full programming schedule in the upcoming weeks, you can check out the promotional video below.
E3 runs from June 11 to 13. What is on your wishlist for E3 this year? Will Kingdom Hearts possibly find it's way to the recently unveiled Ps4 any time soon?​
And don't forget Kh-vids will also be bringing in the latest news and videos at this year's E3!​
Source: Gematsu
SquareEnixGermany uploaded a community video from the promotional event held in London. (Recall the news update nearly a month ago) Fans got a chance to discuss their impressions of the revamped game and give their own insight. Nothing new in the video itself, but there's some fun gameplay, and at least it's in English!

Uploaded onto a reliable KH twitter account were 3 enemy figures. It was dicussed previously that Kingdom Hearts enemies would be making it's way into the figurine scene, and these are just a few examples of what's to come. Displayed from left to right, are a Shadow Heartless, Flood Unversed, and Meowjesty Dream Eater. Pricing and release dates are still unconfirmed.

KHFigurine_01.jpg KHFigurine_03.jpg KHFigurine_02.jpg