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In a surprising announcement, Square-Enix has provided Kingdom Hearts fans with a new trailer today, revealing a few surprises in store for us coming this year:

Union X[cross] and Dark Road
First off, the trailer shows what to expect with upcoming new story quests in 'Kingdom Hearts: Union X[cross]'. After that, the trailer gives us our first real look at the other mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', giving us an additional look at the game's characters, and the gameplay in action. Lastly, the trailer confirms the game will be released less than a week from now on June 22nd!

Kingdom Hearts III Original Soundtrack
Ever since the game first released a year and a half ago, fans have been demanding an official soundtrack for 'Kingdom Hearts III' to be made available. Now, it appears that the folks over at Square-Enix and Disney have granted the wishes of fans, with the trailer confirming that an official soundtrack of the game will be releasing in Fall 2020!

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory
The final announcement from today's trailer came in the form of a reveal, confirming that a rhythm action game (sort of similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy), named 'Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory', will be releasing in 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch (marking the first time a Kingdom Hearts game was released on that console)! What's more is that the game seems to also have a playable scenario that takes place after the events of KH3: ReMind, allowing players to play as Kairi!

While these announcements were terrific, eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that the beginning of the trailer reveals that the series is now in its "2nd Phase", which seems to have started with KH3: ReMind, and includes Dark Road and Melody of Memory. But what's interesting is that the series' 2nd Phase contains five slots, three that are occupied by ReMind, Dark Road, and Melody of Memory, while the other two slots may hint at two currently unannouced projects!


English version of the trailer has released:

It appears that the official website of the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', has gone live, providing us with additional screenshots of the game and preliminary information on the game. The screenshots included (which you can check out below) give us an additional look at the game's main characters (including their Gandalf-esque master), as well as more gameplay screenshots and in-game models of Xehanort and Eraqus:

1.jpg 6.png 9.png 10.png 2.png 4.png 5.png 3.png 7.png 8.png
Besides screenshots, the website also contains the following information in regards to what the game is about, and in regards to the game's main setting, Scala ad Caelum:
KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD can be played easily with taps and swipes on your smart phone and is stress free with no complicated leveling or evolving! Level up through Auto Mode or enjoy strategic battles with bosses. Why did Master Xehanort, a major figure in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, become the seeker of darkness? That very mystery paints the story of his youth as he studies to become a Keyblade Wielder.
A world lined with grand structures cascading down peaks like stairs. Keyblade Wielders and the youth who aim to become such gather here, earning it the name “City of Keyblade Wielders.”
EDIT: It appears the site is inaccessible now, and seemingly went live by accident last night.
As teased two days ago, more information from the upcoming mobile game, 'Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road', has been revealed in the game's Twitter account. This time, the new information comes in the form of new screenshots, giving us a glimpse of the gameplay, as well as a look into the four new characters, and Ansem Seeker of Darkness! Check out the screenshots below:

Screenshot05.png Screenshot06.png Screenshot07.png Screenshot08.png Screenshot03.png Screenshot04.png Screenshot01.png Screenshot02.png
Some sad news to report out of Japan today. Earlier today, it's been announceed that Keiji Fujiwara, known to Kingdom Hearts fans as the Japanese VA playing the role of Axel/Lea, has sadly passed away as he battled cancer. While Kingdom Hearts fans will always remember him as the Japanese voice of Axel/Lea, Keiji Fujiwara was also known for various anime roles, as well as the voice of Reno in Final Fantasy VII, and was even the official Japanese voice of the popular Marvel character Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Our deepest condolences to Keiji Fujiwara's friends and family in this tough time.

Dengeki Playstation, which sadly released its final issue recently, got a chance to interview director Tetsuya Nomura. While the interview mainly focuses on the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake, Nomura did talk a bit on Kingdom Hearts, discussing topics related to the recent 'Kingdom Hearts III' DLC, the mystery surrounding Yozora, and teases upcoming plans for the series. Check out Nomura's interview below (credit to Dandelion of KHInsider for translating the interview):