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The official Japanese Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has announced in the Tweet above that the official Japanese portal website for the Kingdom Hearts series has been relaunched, and will be updated regularly. No word yet on what kind of updates they will be, but as we approach the release of Kingdom Hearts III this year, it is something we'll be keeping a close eye on.
David Ogden Stiers, an actor known to Disney fans as the voice of several notable characters such as Cogsworth and Jumba, two roles he reprised in the Kingdom Hearts series (as well as playing the role of Doc on 'Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep'), has sadly passed away after battling bladder cancer at the age of 75 in his home in Newport, Oregon. Surely, his death will hit those of his who've heard his voice over the years pretty hard. And it is sad to know that should his characters (whether they be returning, like Cogsworth and Jumba, or new ones like Governor Ratcliffe or Fenton Q. Harcourt) appear in the Kingdom Hearts series in the future, he won't be the one voicing them.

Rest In Peace David Ogden Stiers

Source: TMZ
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After their successful global tour last year, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- is coming back around for more! Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Encore will travel around the world to eighteen cities starting this June:
  • Los Angeles, USA - June 9
  • Sydney, Australia - July 7
  • Chicago, USA - July 13
  • Detroit, USA - July 14
  • Pittsburgh, USA - July 16
  • Boston, USA - July 19
  • Toronto, Canada - July 21
  • Atlanta, USA - July 26, 2018
  • Dallas, USA - July 28, 2018
  • Philadelphia, USA - August 2
  • Phoenix, USA - August 4
  • Las Vegas, USA - August 5
  • Honolulu, USA - August 12
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil - September 8-9
  • Munich, Germany - September 15
  • Milan, Italy - September 22
  • Seoul, South Korea - October 6
  • Mexico City, Mexico - October 20
Features of the concert are as follows:

The select ticket presales will open this Sunday, March 4, with additional cities going up on March 13th, March 26th and April 13, depending on the event (so look carefully!). For more detailed information about tickets and venue locations, check it out here. Grab your tickets here!

A Donald Duck S.H.Figuarts figure, the latest in the line of Kingdom Hearts-themed S.H.Figuarts figures, is scheduled to be released on March 24, and will be sold for ¥4,536 (roughly $42.50). Check out images of the figure below:

item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_03.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_04.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_05.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_06.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_07.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_08.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_09.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_10.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_11.jpg item_0000012355_Wg5cGWUd_12.jpg
What's good, everyone? I'm happy to unveil the project I've been working on the last few months. Kingdom Hearts: Chronology is an episodic cutscene series that weaves together all KH games into a single timeline. It's a great way to see how all the games and sub-plots fit together.

Truth be told this project is actually years in the making. Seven years ago I completed a BBS Chronology (which was featured a couple times on this site, actually), as well as one for Re:CoM, which I never bothered to upload anywhere. This new series is an expansion on that, but HD-ified, and with a few inaccuracies cleaned up.

Check out the trailer below:

The first two episodes are available now, and a new episode will be uploaded each week. Click here to start watching.

Hope you all enjoy!