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Kingdom Hearts fans in Florida are in luck, as it has been announced that a KH3 event (referred to as the "Kingdom Hearts III Experience") will be making its way to the Disney Springs shopping area at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida!
From December 14 through January 31, fans can play a demo of the highly anticipated game, as well as a Keyblade exhibit featuring life-size replicas of Keyblades from the game, plus art inspired by the characters and worlds in the game, and the chance for fans to pre-order the game and other merchandise!

Read the full press release here!
Square-Enix today has released high quality renders giving Kingdom Hearts fans a better look at how Kairi will look like in 'Kingdom Hearts III'! Check out the renders below:

KH_Kairi_Battle_Pose_1.png KH_Kairi_Battle_Pose_2.jpg
The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has recently posted a message from the series director himself, Tetsuya Nomura, giving us a timeline of when to expect 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailers next month. Check out Nomura's message below:
It has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts fans in North America who pre-order 'Kingdom Hearts III' from Amazon will get an exclusive Keyblade as a pre-order bonus, called 'Dawn Till Dusk'.
Interestingly, the Keyblade is the same one that is available for those who pre-order the game in Japan from 7/11.
As many moviegoers in North America have been noticing this past weekend, a 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailer with new scenes has been playing in theaters. Now, Square-Enix has released an extended version of that trailer! In addition to that, it has also been officially announced that development on 'Kingdom Hearts III' has wrapped up! Check out the trailer and development announcement below: