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Just like yesterday with Tai Yasue, another Q & A was conducted on Twitter today, this time with series director, Tetsuya Nomura, discussing the DLC scheduled for release tomorrow! Check out the translated Q & A below (once again, credit to @_KH_ENGLISH for translations):

Earlier today, a Q & A was conducted on Twitter with co-director of 'Kingdom Hearts III', Tai Yasue, detailing the additions we can expect with the upcoming DLC. Thanks to @_KH_ENGLISH, we now have the Q & A translated, which you can read below:
With just a few days to go before the release of the Kingdom Hearts III ReMind DLC, Square-Enix revealed some new images to show us what to expect with the upcoming expansion to last year's release. First off, we have what appears to be KH3's new menu artwork, which simply adds Kairi next to Sora, holding a Paopu fruit just like him (credit to @MysticDistance for providing a high quality version of the artwork):

Next up, Square-Enix also released some screenshots showing the return of the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades, along with features introduced in ReMind, such as Data Greeting, Premium Menu, and Slideshow greeting, which you can view below:

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With 2019 coming to an end, Playstation Blog celebrated the best games of the year with their Game of the Year Awards, with the list of winners announced today. Among the games that were recognized, 'Kingdom Hearts III' was declared the Best RPG of 2019! In addition to that award, KH3 also received other awards, which you can check out below:
  • Best RPG (1st Place)
  • Best Sountrack (2nd Place)
  • Best PS4 Game (3rd Place)
  • Best Narrative (4th Place)
All this new info just had to be released while I was travelling

Following the release of the final trailer for the 'Kingdom Hearts III' Re:MIND DLC yesterday, Square-Enix released new information and character renders relating to the downloadable content.


First off, we finally know the price range for the DLC. The regular package costs $29.99, while a package that includes everything in the regular version plus video of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra will cost $39.99. Second, we finally know what is included in both the paid and free DLC packages.

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Lastly, Square-Enix released renders tied to the upcoming DLC (check them out above), which include a brand new render for Sora, as well as renders for returning characters that'll have some involvement in the DLC story update (Aerith, Leon, Cid, Yuffie, the Fairy Godmother).