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Kotaku has posted a play-by-play of Square-Enix's press conference at this year's (on-going!) E3. Nothing huge or groundbreaking, but a good read while we're all salivating for the details! Miss the trailer? Watch it in our original news post.

Read the full article (includes more details on Final Fantasy XIV and XV) on Kotaku.

The highlights:
  • No release date yet
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released on Xbox One and PS4 worldwide
  • Osaka team is developing Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Suggested female playable characters (Aqua and Kairi please!)
  • No news on a Wii U port
For those who tuned into today's E3 Sony press conference (June 10th 2013), you will find that Kingdom Hearts 3 has been officially announced for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One by Square Enix themselves.

E3 Trailer

YouTube video down? Try the official Sony upload.

Footage and details to follow.
Let the fangasms begin.

Update: Kingdom Hearts III will also be available for the upcoming Xbox One: