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Square has released a few screen shots, as well as the whole trailer, in high resolution! So now you can enjoy the trailer without resorting to stream rips!


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For those you who really loved the trailer and would like to download it, you can visit our cutscene archive and download all the latest videos on Kingdom Hearts III.

Today all Kingdom Hearts fans can rejoice, as we at last received a look at Kingdom Hearts 3 today at Square Enix's E3 conference. The trailer features dialogue between Young Xehanort and Young Eraqus, as well as a new world based on Disney's Tangled.

Sora's new moves and abilities are showcased throughout the trailer, including attacks based on Disney Attractions. In the trailer, Sora spinning around in a tea cup from Disney's classic Mad Tea Party attraction, similar to the roller coaster and Electric Parade attacks we've seen in the past. Keyblade Transformations and Flowmotion also make a reappearance.

Finally, we get our first look at Sora's long-awaited new getup for the title!
Don't believe us? See for yourself below!

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Linkedin profiles for two KH3 developers have turned up recently, revealing some interesting information.

First off is the profile of Eric Johnson, who was an AI Engineer on the cancelled Lucasarts game, Star Wars 1313, and was the Senior AI Engineer on the Facebook game, War Commander. Eric now works at Square-Enix in Tokyo, and has been working on KH3's AI since October.

The second profile is of Praveen Dubey, a 3D artist in India. Praveen works for an Indian company called Lakshya Digital, which does modeling and texturing for some big games, such as WWE '15, Tekken 7, and Dark Souls II. According to Praveen's Linkedin profile and resume, Kingdom Hearts 3 is another project of his he is working.

Kotaku recently sat down with KH3 co-director, Tai Yasue, to ask a few questions on KH3 and the HD remasters. In the interview, Yasue mentions how 1.5 and 2.5 helped with KH3's development, the relationship with Disney, and how Square-Enix is continuously hiring for KH3. The full interview interview can be read below:

Source: Kotaku
Square-Enix has recently updated their job listings page, listing 14 positions specifically related to the development of Kingdom Hearts III, ranging from working on the UI, the UE4 engine, cutscenes, and even minigames. The open positions available (where all but one are located in Osaka) are listed below:

Credit to Goldpanner of KHInsider for the translated job summaries.