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Good morning Keyblade wielders! As we all continue playing 'Kingdom Hearts III', which has officially been out for a week now, Square-Enix has announced that the game has shipped over 5 million copies (both physical and digital) worldwide since its release, making it the fastest selling game in the series!
Check out the official press release here.
Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Kingdom Hearts 3! For many of us this'll be our first full weekend with the game.

As I make my way through I've been recording cutscenes, and I'm happy to say I've got the first batch ready for download! As of this initial post there are only the first few worlds (6 videos total with intro and menu trailer), but I will be posting updates in this thread as I make progress. If you'd like to stay in the loop of what's available, click "Watch Thread" at the bottom of the page to receive notifications. I'll be saying how many videos were added, and the world names hidden in spoiler tags in case you aren't caught up and don't want to know. Bear in mind that the cutscene archive itself will have world names and thumbnails, so be careful if you are avoiding spoilers.

I now present our shiny new Kingdom Hearts III Cutscene Archive!

The scenes on this page are captured from my first playthrough, so they will have whatever Keyblade I was using at the time. However once I'm completely done, I plan on recording everything again using Theater Mode so it is Kingdom Key only, and that version will have subtitles turned off. There may be less scenes in the later version (any small clips that didn't make it into Theater Mode), but it will have smoother edits and be generally better for watching.

As always, you can find cutscenes from all of the Kingdom Hearts games on the main page of our Cutscene Archive.

Today, the day we never thought would come has finally arrived. The long wait has concluded. It is with extremely great pleasure that I announce that Kingdom Hearts III has FINALLY been released internationally. For 13 years (Nomura, did you do this on purpose just so we'd be mentioning that magic number?) since the release of Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts fans have been wondering when we would get the next numbered entry in the series. We have all waited (very patiently I should say), got a couple of spinoffs and remasters along the way (which were great and all, don't get me wrong), kept waiting for any new information on the game since its surprise announcement at E3 2013. And here we are, finally. To everyone who stuck with the series all these years, your patience has finally paid off. To those who are returning to the series after having not played a game in the series since KH2, welcome back (and wow, have you got a lot to catch up on)! And to those who are getting into the series for the first time with KH3, buckle up, because you're in for one very wild emotional ride. Be sure to enjoy the game once you all get it guys! Rest easy knowing that the era of waiting for Kingdom Hearts III is now in the past.

May your hearts be your guiding key!
With only two days (!!!!!) to go until the long awaited release of 'Kingdom Hearts III', Square-Enix uploaded English versions of the Memory Archive videos narrated by Chirithy that recap the series and will be included in the game itself. Check out the videos by going to the official Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel.
While 'Kingdom Hearts III' was released in Japan today (let that sink in...), Square-Enix released a promotional video focusing on the gameplay elements of the highly anticipated title. Check it out below: