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It has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts fans in North America who pre-order 'Kingdom Hearts III' from Amazon will get an exclusive Keyblade as a pre-order bonus, called 'Dawn Till Dusk'.
Interestingly, the Keyblade is the same one that is available for those who pre-order the game in Japan from 7/11.
As many moviegoers in North America have been noticing this past weekend, a 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailer with new scenes has been playing in theaters. Now, Square-Enix has released an extended version of that trailer! In addition to that, it has also been officially announced that development on 'Kingdom Hearts III' has wrapped up! Check out the trailer and development announcement below:
Amazon Games has confirmed that during their Black Friday Twitch stream, scheduled for 12pm PST on November 23rd, an exclusive announcement regarding 'Kingdom Hearts III' will be made!
Given that the stream is focused on holiday deals for gamers, this announcement is likely to be merchandise-related (though it might also be possible we could also be getting something like a new trailer).
With the release of the new 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailer today, we finally got to hear a bit of Master Xehanort's English voice in the game. While there has been no announcement on who will be replacing the late Leonard Nimoy, we may have an answer. When someone tweeted to Mark Hamill (who voiced Master Eraqus in 'Birth by Sleep'), asking if he was the one who we heard in the new trailer, Hamill liked the the tweet back (which you can check out below):

While this is by no means a confirmation, it'll be interesting if Mark Hamill truly does take over his 'Birth by Sleep' co-star as the voice of Master Xehanort.
During the X018 conference in Mexico City, Square-Enix revealed a new 'Kingdom Hearts III' trailer, revealing that the Hundred Acre Wood will return, and showing us a couple other shocking scenes as well. Check it out below: