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A new pre-order page has been added to the Square Enix Online Store. It depicts the 3rd volume in the KH2 Formation Arts line up. Each figure shows Sora on his adventures to Space Paranoids, Timeless River, Atlantica, Destiny Islands, and Halloweentown respectively. All five figures will be available for purchase on June 28, 2013 for the price of 7200 Yen. (roughly $78 US)

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Well, this was expected wasn't it? But over at IGN, they have posted results of PS2 Game Sales, and Kingdom Hearts 2 is this year's second highest best selling PS2 Game! What an honor! Not only that, gamers have chosen it as their favorite game of 2006! Here is the full list below!

Top 10 Sellers in 2006
1. Madden NFL 07
2. Kingdom Hearts II
3. Guitar Hero
4. Final Fantasy XII
5. NCAA Football 07
6. Guitar Hero II
7. MLB '06: The Show
8. Scarface: The World is Yours
9. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
10. Fight Night Round 3

Top 10 Readers' Picks in 2006
1. Kingdom Hearts II
2. Final Fantasy XII
3. WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 2007
4. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII
5. Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence
6. Okami
7. Black
8. Bully
9. Madden NFL 07
10. NCAA Football 07

It is really great to know that the Kingdom Hearts Series remains on top. And with today's announcements on more KH games to come, it's just been an all around great day!

Here is a quickie! Livejournal user Kowaiki has posted a picture of all the SE Christmas Cards. (Thank you so much!) Some are similar to posters we have already seen. CLick the thumbnail below to enlarge.


Also, our affiliate has gotten final tidbits on Jump Festa 07' including gameplay information.


• During a boss battle with Marluxia, Marluxia will use an earth attack.
• During your battle with Roxas in TWTNW, Roxas will not just have 10 + health bars and be faster than you, he can also glide and have these nobody marked shape swords protecting him. There are about 13 of these swords, or so, from what the blog user can make of them.
• Some of the worlds look extended.
• This is in relation to the org. member coming into a room, sits on a chair (or throne), and the entire room lights up. The shapes that the light turns into are in the form of nobody insignias. Also, the room looks like a room from the Castle That Never Was.

• There's a cutscene of Riku and Zexion talking to each other.
Riku:"If I go through this door, maybe I can erase the darkness in me..."
• A cutscene of Sora and Namine, when Sora finally found her.
• The music from CoM is remade for Re:CoM.

Once again, thank you! The information itself came from KH-Information. That about wraps it up.

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IGN also seems to have updated their Kingdom Hearts page, though it is nothing special, it's basically what we already know, just in flashier words XD anyways, you're able to view it Here and for all you lazy people or slow internet connections...

Ok, due to the major postage that happened, alot of news didn't manage to make the front page, I have decided to do a little Ordering Post to keep this very Organized, as now we are completly done with JF 2007 on the KH Segment here we go! Note to all, all underlined links are clickable

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5 New Scans and JF 2007 Info

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Is Xaldin hogging all the fun? xP

A third blog poster, going by the name of Jade, has posted up their experience at Jump Festa! They have provided pictures of the event, and their own impressions on the event, including their speculation for Kingdom Hearts 3. Once again, thanks Jade!


Jade's Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ Information
Jade's KH3 Speculation
What do you think? Do you agree with Jade that this means that by next year Kingdom Hearts 3 will begin development? Or will this be a completely new KH Game?