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The release of the new 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' trailer today provided fans with many surprises. One of those surprises was finally getting a feel for what to expect from 'χ[chi] Back Cover', showing us characters from χ[chi] in cutscene form with spoken dialogue. One of the characters shown in the trailer was Ephemera, whose voice sounded familiar for some. A fan then asked actor Michael Johnston of Teen Wolf fame on Twitter whether he voiced the character, and he pretty much confirmed it. The tweet has unfortunately been deleted (most likely due to a NDA Johnston signed), though Johnston still retweeted a fan asking him about voicing Ephemera, which pretty much guarantees that he is the voice of Ephemera in 'Back Cover'.

Source: KHInsider & Michael Johnston's Twitter
Almost two weeks after the release of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ in North America, a plush of the player's companion in the game, Chirithy, is now up for pre-order in Square-Enix's online NA store. The plush is the exact same one confirmed for release in Japan not too long ago. The Chirithy plush is expected to be released by the end of August, and is priced at $55.

Source: Square-Enix NA Online Store

Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] launched for browsers in Japan back in July 2013, and after three years of service, the game will shut down this September. The story will have a conclusive ending before the game shuts down, so don't worry!

Please note, the browser version of χ [chi] is separate from Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, which launched for iOS and Android in Japan last September, and in North America yesterday.

You can read the notice of service termination below, translation thanks to Zephyr of KHInsider:

While there is still no word on the release of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ[chi] outside of Japan, fans who are paying attention to the mobile game will surely be glad to know that a plush of the game's adorable main character, Chirithy, will be released in Japan this summer on June 11th, and will be priced at 5,670 yen.

While a summary of Nomura's recent interview with Dengeki Playstation has been leaked, a fully translated version is available thanks to KHInsider's goldpanner. First off, Nomura writes a congratulatory message to Dengeki Playstation for reaching its 600th issue milestone, saying:
As for the actual interview, there isn't much difference to what was already revealed in the summary, but it is still an interesting read, and can be read below: