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At the grand opening of Square-Enix Cafe Osaka, attendees were surprised by the appearance of both 'Kingdom Hearts' series director, Tetsuya Nomura, and executive producer, Shinji Hasimoto, with Nomura (along with other members of the dev team) providing some new information on the series:
  • Sora's height is 160 cm (roughly 5'3'').
  • As for Xehanort, they can't give an exact height but perhaps more than 180cm (roughly 5'11'')
  • They have decided on heights for the other characters, but are unsure if they want to announce it
  • Staff members usually travel abroad as Square Enix delegates to meet with Disney.
  • Sea Salt Ice Creams at the event have winner sticks among them at the event which are able to be exchanged for a free coaster.
  • They worked hard to host the Café, and maybe there are no more chances to do so, so Nomura asked everyone to enjoy that month.
  • "Firstly, when Mr. Hashimoto went to sign my copy, he said, "Please get a signature from the creators first. I'll write in the remaining gap after that," when I was thanking the developers. He's so nice."
  • "Then, "I love Saix and Axel so we're waiting for more infos!!!" I said to Mr. Nomura in a passionate way."
  • In Union X[cross] Ven is himself (personality and memories). In other words, it is the real Ven.
  • Kairi and Riku's new clothes are pretty similar (There's a hood. However changes are still made daily.)
  • Initial art was only shown here during the short presentation
  • The story of Union X[cross] will not be completed in KH3 (not everything will be addressed in KH3)
  • Like other Disney characters, you can consider Sora's birthday to be the day of his screen debut (March 28)
  • Young Xehanort and Xemnas are still under development since their reveal in recent trailers, so adjustments are being made to their faces. Because changes have been made since KH2, adjustments such as lengthening the jaw is difficult. (Yamasaki)
  • There is demand for figurines of supporting characters and Organization XIII. Nomura will think about it
  • Although it has been confirmed that D23 was the place to present new information for KH3, it is undecided where the next one will be revealed
  • There are no plans to release a Nomura art collection at the moment
  • There are no plans for selling a promotional trailer collection for the time being
  • When asked if any character other than Sora will be playable, Nomura comments that such a world exists where this possible, but he can't currently say who it'll be
Source: & KHInsider
Some new KH merchandise was revealed earlier today, and is now available for pre-order on AmiAmi. First off, KH-themed mugs:


The mugs will be released in January, and can be pre-ordered for ¥ 1,830 (about $16.28), a 15% reduction from the listing price! The Heartless mug can be pre-ordered here, while the two different Sora mugs can be ordered here and here.

Next up is a new 'Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ[chi]' medal box set:

The box set will be released next month in November, and can be pre-ordered here for ¥ 5,120 (about $45.56), also a 15% reduction from the listing price!

Hello again! As promised, here are the scenes from Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover, with no subtitles, and virtually no stuttering, hooray! It was a tedious editing process but I think it was well worth it.

And one more thing: we now have all the Boss Battles and scripted enemy encounters from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage -, to go along with the cutscenes we added two weeks back.

I'm nearly finished with my Dream Drop Distance HD playthrough, so those scenes will be up relatively soon.

Thanks to @libregkd for getting everything up and running on our cutscene archive.

With 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Final Chapter Prologue' having recently been released in Japan, some early English copies of the game appear to have been leaked. YouTube user Cyberman65 has posted the full English version of the Back Cover cinematic, and with the leak, we got information on who voices who in it, confirming previous scoops made in the past year regarding certain voice actors, including Michael Johnston as Ephemer, Karissa Lee Staples as Invi, and Kevin G. Quinn as Gula. The full list can be viewed below:

Max Mittelman - Luxu
Karissa Lee Staples - Invi
Matthew Mercer - Ira
Travis Willingham - Aced
Isabela Moner - Ava
Kevin G. Quinn - Gula
Michael Johnston - Ephemer
Lara Jill Miller - Chirithy
Ray Chase - Master of Masters
Source: KHInsider
With less than two weeks before the release of 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue' in Japan, Japan's Playstation Blog has released a mix of old and new HQ images of the collection's cinematic entry, 'Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] Back Cover':

20170106-khhdfcp-01.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-02.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-03.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-04.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-05.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-06.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-07.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-08.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-09.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-10.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-11.jpg 20170106-khhdfcp-12.jpg