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Hey everyone, exciting news! The 2013 Jump Festa Trailer has just been added to the Japanese KH 1.5 page!

Thanks to Vanellope von Schweetz!
Hello KH-Vids. Are you preparing yourselves for new coverage, plus the new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show?

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix has been confirmed to release in Japan on March 14 2013. As you already know, Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix and Chain of Memories will be playable, along with 3D rendered scenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

We've saw the first trailer from the Tokyo Game Show in September, but now we're expecting to see a new trailer and some playable demos from Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix. Speaking of trailers, a trailer impression has been provided by aibo_ac7 and translated by Oishii from KH13.

With Japan's timezone ahead, Jump Festa is just hours away from beginning. This event is confirmed to show more on the recently announce 1.5 HD ReMix and possibly the PC game for browsers. This thread will keep updated with the latest updates. Square Enix's Events facebook Page has already begun to upload photos. Images from seperate twitters have also begun to surface.​
festa002.jpg festa003.jpg festa004.jpg festa006.jpg festa007.jpg festa005.jpg
Hi there everybody! We've got something really exciting today--Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX will be releasing in Japan on March 14th, 2013!


That's just three months away! Now that Japan has got a release date--and one so close!--do you guys think we'll be hearing something about localization? One can only hope! There's also two unclickable boxes at the bottom of the official site (see link below). What do you think they are? Two more HD remakes?

Enormous thanks to libregkd for letting me know!

Source: Square-Enix
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With Jump Festa 2013 only day away, a scan is being tossed around twitter with a page devoting to the upcoming HD ReMix. Though there's nothing new in regards to information, enjoy the few screenshots that the new collection will have to offer. The updated models really do show an improvement to the respective games' graphics.

A photo from V-Jump has also surfaced, with what to expect at Jump Festa. Nothing new, but it still gives us something to look forward to.