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Jesse McCartney recently uploaded a picture, commenting that he is "Recording the next chapter!"

Here's the post: http://instagram.com/p/U4h_uvLg8g/

From the picture we can see a familiar scene from 'Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days' on the tv screen in the background of the recording studio. McCartney's character, Roxas, appears to be talking to Axel, both of them in their signature Organization coats in on top of their familiar hangout on top of the Twilight Town Clocktower.

This hints at the likely news, that has yet to be officially announced by Square Enix, that a western version of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix is currently in the works!

I'm excited to finally hear news about this, however this is nothing official and we can only presume so far that it is in works... But if you ask me we're getting it! : D

Thanks to member Sabby for bring this to my attention!

Source: Instagram
Yes, news is slow and with less than 2 months before the Japanese release, and all magazines are getting all the latest news info they can out there. Famitsy Weekly is no exception. While no new information has been distributed, you can at least enjoy the scans, courtesy of True gaming.

Scan0018.jpg Scan0019.jpg Scan00131-e1358880777456.jpg Scan00141.jpg Scan00151.jpg Scan00161.jpg Scan00171.jpg
Like most of the series promotional sites, Square Enix has updated the Final Mix section of their site.
On the site, you will find the expected information on Story, Characters, World, System, and Features. Many of the screenshots along with the information displayed, can be found in the The December 27th Issue of Famitsu.

Credit to Roxam for the discovery.

Kingdom Hearts news galore, as more screenshots and information arise on the anticipated collection release. The latesst famitsu reveals series staff comments, changed aspects, and most other tidbits of repeated information. Along with the article, several screenshots and renders were uploaded by Famitsu and 4Gamer, showing the high quality upgrade the games have received with some snapshots from the trailer as well.

And for something to look at, here are 50 new HD screenshots courtesy of Famitsu. You will find newly remodeled renders, cutscenes, and gameplay in all it's glorious splendor. You will notice that Deep Jungle will return for the HD ReMix, as well as a slightly altered gummi system. The first Trophy has also revealed itself with the Japanese translated title: "Hero in the Making"

Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_1.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_3.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_2.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_51.jpg
Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_4.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_5.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_6.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_7.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_8.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_9.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_10.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_11.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_12.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_13.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_14.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_15.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_16.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_17.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_18.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_19.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_20.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_21.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_22.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_23.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_24.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_25.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_26.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_27.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_28.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_29.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_30.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_31.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_32.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_33.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_34.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_35.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_36.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_37.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_38.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_39.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_40.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_41.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_42.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_43.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_44.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_45.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_46.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_47.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_48.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_49.jpg Famitsu_Dec_27_20122_50.jpg
The largest figure/hobby shop in Japan, AmiAmi, has kept importing hopes alive by putting Kingdom Hearts -HD 1.5 Remix- up for preorders.​
You can preorder the game by clicking HERE! AmiAmi's price is set at 5,780 JPY (Approx $69) plus shipping. You do not have to pay anything until the game comes out in March, so be sure to reserve your copy if you plan on importing~​
Amazon Japan has also put their preorder up for the game which can be found HERE, but is priced higher at 6,115 JPY and cannot be shipped outside of Japan.​